An Interview With Chris Kalin

Mark shares with you a recent conversation he had with Chris Kalin of Henley & Partners, the global leader in citizenship and residence planning. Read below to find out about Chris and his firm, as well as an opportunity for you to learn firsthand about a unique citizenship opportunity.

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Don’t Poke a Sleeping Bear

The same is true of offshore tax planning. But in this case, the bear is not a 500lb animal of the forest; it’s the 100,000+ strong army of tax professionals that make up the IRS. Unfortunately, some people like to learn their own lessons, so, if you insist on provoking the IRS, here's a great way to do so.

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Finally, Some Good News about FATCA

FATCA, otherwise known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, is one of the most arrogant and one-sided laws ever passed by Congress. I've written quite a bit about it in the past, almost always on how it negatively affects the average American trying to do business offshore. Today, though, I actually have some good news to report.

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Too Good to Be True…

In the 28 years I've worked in the offshore investment arena, I thought I'd heard every possible piece of bad advice clients could get. But one came up recently that takes the cake.

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The War on Privacy is coming to a license plate near you…

If you live in the eastern USA, you've probably encountered an automatic toll-collection system called "E-Z Pass." No need to stop. No need to fish for quarters in your pocket. And no need to roll down the window to confront the often grumpy tollbooth attendant. No wonder E-Z Pass is popular! Indeed, about 25 million drivers in 15 states now use E-Z Pass. Now for the not so easy to stomach side.

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