Private Wealth

My Newest Concierge Service Lets You Enjoy the Benefits of Offshore Without the Risk

Dear Reader,

John and Kathy were two wealthy professionals on the edge of retirement.

They were concerned about where this country is headed. And what that could mean for their hard-earned savings.

So they did what most smart people do… they started researching. Searched online, subscribed to an international newsletter and even went to one of the many offshore conferences.

They found what looked like the perfect solution. Offshore but relatively close to home. Well-regarded service provider in a private jurisdiction.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be entirely illegal for Americans to use. The lawyer was trying to scam them to make a quick buck.

When (not if) the IRS found out, they would have lost a lot of their nest-egg in fines.

And if the government thought they acted maliciously, they could have spent the next few years in a federal prison cell.

Thankfully, they checked with me first. And I was able to get them all sorted out.

In the process, they ended up with a powerful new offshore plan for themselves – one that was 100% legal for Americans to use.

But every day, Americans across the country are getting cheated out of their hard-earned money by lawyers and other “professionals” who make big promises they can’t deliver.

I know I can’t help them all. But I do want to use my 28 years in this business to help as many as I can.

That’s why I created Private Wealth.

What is Private Wealth

Private Wealth is a comprehensive offshore consulting program for those who:

It was developed to address the following problems in today’s America:

… But in a totally different way than the vast majority of so-called experts out there:

All those factors put together have let me help more than 15,000 customers and clients over more than a quarter century (and counting).

I’d like the opportunity to do the same for you.

How the Program Works

  • 1

    Step One: Initial Consultation with Paul Castillo

The process begins with an initial call with Paul. He joined us in 2015 and since then, has helped hundreds of clients determine whether Private Wealth is the right fit for them.

If it is a good fit — for both of us — he’ll help you with Enrollment.

  • 2

    Step Two: Enrollment and Welcome

To make the process smooth, you’re assigned a dedicated Concierge — Gabi or Andrea — who will work with you throughout the process and who is available to answer any and all questions about the program.

Both have been with Nestmann for a long time — Gabi since 2014 and Andrea since 2013.

Whoever your concierge is, they will then provide you with documentation to fill out prior to your first meeting (Discovery Session) with me.

  • 3

    Step Three: Discovery Session with Me, Mark Nestmann

With the paperwork back, your Concierge will book in a meeting for us. You have your choice of one of the following:

  1. over the phone through my conference line,

  2. through a Video Conference Call like Zoom,

  3. face to face in Phoenix.

You’ll be spending time with me to review your case. We’ll review:

And I’ll be there to answer all of your questions as well…

  • 4

    Step Four: Create Your Blueprint

With the information collected on the call, my team and I will put together your Private Wealth Action Plan. Depending on the initial call, it will include some (or perhaps all) of the following:

That last point is especially important. While the US government doesn’t directly hold citizens back from doing business offshore, it’s not as easy as it once was.

If you choose to build a plan that includes an international component, we need to make sure it stays fully compliant with current laws and regulations.

And of course, not everything may be applicable. What you can count on is that everything covered in your plan will be hand-tailored to your specific goals and situation.

  • 5

    Step Five: Review Your Blueprint

Once ready, we’ll send your plan to you by FedEx or secured email (your choice).

This is where you make note of things you like, things you don’t, and make a list of all the questions you have.

  • 6

    Step Six: Review Session with Me

We’ll meet again (by phone, video call, or here in Phoenix, as you like.). We’ll go through your blueprint together and review all your questions. I’ll make note of any concerns you have as well.

  • 7

    Step Seven: Final tweaks

With the notes from our Review Session, I’ll make any final tweaks to your report. Your concierge will then get it over to you.

  • 8

    Step Eight: Implementation

With a clear plan of action, my team and I work with you to implement. In practice, this means connecting you with people in our network.

There will be additional fees involved, which will depend on what you’re looking for. Some jurisdictions are more expensive, some are less. Some strategies are simpler, some are more complex. It really depends.

But what I can say is that those extra fees will not be a surprise. Your strategy will be built around what you want to put into your wealth protection plan. And we’ll have done all the research to give you a pretty solid idea of what it will take to make it happen.

I should also mention that how long it takes to implement is up to you. Unlike other providers, we’re not going to try and “force” you into something you don’t want to do. You can sit and think about it. Ponder it for a while.

Maybe you’ll get it done in a few months. Or maybe it will take a year or more.

However fast you do it, we’ll be there to help.

  • 9

    Step Nine: Ongoing Support

Even after implementation, you’re welcome to reach out with questions. Our Private Wealth clients are our top priority and, through your concierge, you can expect a top-tier service.

At the End of the Day, What This Program Really Does Deliver

With Private Wealth, you end up with a plan that…

  • Is 100% Fully Compliant with All US Law:

We’re very careful on this point. Not only do we ensure that the plan is fully aboveboard on the day of creation, but we make sure it stays aboveboard with ongoing support and personal updates as the laws change.

That’s because while the offshore world has many opportunities, the government does impose some pretty strict reporting requirements. If you don’t follow them – or you try to follow them and your accountant does it wrong – you’re at the mercy of the taxman. Not a good place to be.

I can’t stress this enough: Do not get into this unless you’re working with someone who can keep you in compliance. It’s not terribly difficult, but it does need to be done right by someone who knows what they’re doing.

(Which leads me to my next point…)

  • Causes No Red Flags with the IRS:

I have done a lot of business internationally for more than 25 years. I have filed all the required forms and followed all the rules. In that time, not once has the IRS ever come back to me with an issue. No audits. Nothing.

It’s an experience common to all clients who follow my recommendations. And while no one can make concrete promises regarding anything that involves a government outfit – based on a very long track record – any planning you do with us is highly unlikely to raise any issues for you.

As I’ve already said multiple times, we’re very careful about such things. We only do what works.

  • Will Help Do Everything You Want Offshore Without the Hassle or Risk:

With us by your side, you’ll be able to finally accomplish all your offshore objectives without fear of making a mistake and getting yourself into a sticky situation.

This service is the first step in what I hope will be a long partnership together: We take care of all the work and you get to enjoy the benefits.

3 Sample Profiles

Because every client is different, your own blueprint will be different too. But that’s not to say they don’t follow the same basic format. Here are a few examples from recent work I’ve done:

John Bookman*, 56

Married with two adult kids, one of which he is still supporting while in college. Entrepreneur with a successful small business that he wants to sell in a few years. Total net worth: Approximately $1,700,000 including business and primary residence.

Why he engaged our services:
  • Concerned about frivolous lawsuits that could arise for business reasons
  • Hates FATCA and wants a way to avoid it
  • Is overwhelmed by all the conflicting offshore information out there; just wants his offshore strategy set up and then managed properly so he can get on running his business and getting ready to spend time with his upcoming first grandchild
  • Structure the sale of his business to legally and substantially reduce taxes owed
  • Invest in FATCA-reporting-free assets offshore and legally keep some level of financial privacy from the feds
  • Get set up with my trusted partners who specialize in helping American citizens stay fully compliant with offshore reporting requirements
  • Tax deferral on the sale of his business (more than enough to cover all fees for the initial work with me, the required structures and many years of ongoing costs)
  • Peace of mind

Norman Enkelman*, 65

Recently divorced (mostly amicably). Employee at Fortune 500 company – about to retire. 32-year-old son who is already self-supportive. Looking to protect $1.2 million of post-divorce assets in retirement. Pension and Social Security income meet ordinary living costs.

Why he engaged our services:
  • Wants to internationalize his retirement savings
  • Wants to look into the possibility of living outside the US
  • Concerned about “bail ins” in the US banking system (Basically, the government, IMF, etc., forcing depositors to give some or all of their savings to pay for the irresponsibility of bank managers)
  • Move IRA offshore and use American-favored liability protection structure to lock down the assets inside
  • Open accounts with at least 2 international asset managers within a certain out-of-favor jurisdiction that still offers some of the best banking services (and low risk of bail-ins) for clients like Norman
  • Work with my trusted partners to maintain everything, including all US reporting requirements
  • Protection from potential collapse of US dollar
  • Sense of safety knowing his money isn’t likely to be taken away because of some incompetent (or maybe just greedy) banker

Brian Sasso*, 78

Married to wife of 54 years. 4 adult children. Retired. Sold his share in a successful manufacturing business 13 years ago. Husband and wife have estate totalling $5.7 million. Social Security and income from savings meet all ordinary living costs.

Why he engaged our services:
  • Wants to avoid estate taxes
  • Wants savings placed in a structure that gives him strong wealth protection and maximum flexibility
  • Wants to invest 25% of his net worth in precious metals as an inflation hedge and for protection in a global financial meltdown
  • Create an international estate planning structure using limited liability companies and trusts
  • Work within chosen structures to purchase precious metals and set up precious metals storage relationships in ultra-safe depositories
  • Use chosen structures to open an account with a very special private bank; one of the safest in the world, because the owners are personally on the hook if the bank ever goes bust (I rarely recommend them as minimums are high)
  • A setup that avoids ALL estate taxes but is still flexible enough to deal with any future family-related changes
  • State-of-the-art wealth protection in a relatively low-cost structure
  • A virtual “bomb shelter” solution that can withstand nearly any sort of global financial meltdown without capital loss
  • True peace of mind

Naturally, this is a greatly simplified version of what your blueprint will look like. The average plan contains 25-30 pages. Some are 40 or more depending on complexity.

*Note: Name changed to preserve privacy.

A Conservative Approach

Please note that your blueprint will be on the conservative side. While there are professionals who are happy to recommend riskier strategies, we are not one of them.

Our main focus over the years has been capital preservation (especially when it comes to retirement assets and estate planning). If you are looking for someone to help you “get rich quick by going offshore,” this program will not work for you.

If you’re looking for a safe, legal way to protect what you have with reasonable growth, Private Wealth will work very well indeed.

The Required Investment

There are few programs out there quite like our Private Wealth. But they do exist… if you’re willing to pay the big bucks. A plan built by a big name law firm will generally start at $50,000 and go up from there.

If you can find a small-town lawyer that understands the offshore world (very rare), you might save a couple bucks.

Our fee is much lower.

Depending on your goals, your current situation, and whether you want a domestic, international, or hybrid plan, the fees will range.


We don’t believe it’s possible to simply give a flat rate for bespoke work.


But we can give guidelines: 

That said, these are guidelines and we will customize our approach to fit your needs. Although we don’t discount, we don’t pad our fees either. If your solution is very simple, the fee will be lower. If it’s a lot more complicated, we’ll let you know that ahead of time too.


Now, you might be wondering if these prices are high?


The answer is, yes and no.


Yes, in that you can find any number of armchair “wealth protection experts” who are happy to talk to you on the phone and consult Google as they try to find answers to your questions.


And, if you’re just looking for someone who will give you no better of an answer than ChatGPT, we’re probably not the right fit for you.


But if you’re looking for the proven option, then our fee is actually quite cheap.


That’s because there is simply no other active wealth protection firm out there that specializes in building hybrid onshore/offshore plans for US clients… who knows the unique situation that US clients have to face… and who have been in the business for 40+ years.


You simply cannot duplicate experience.


Here’s another way to think about.


Two people came to us this week. One was a potential client. The other has been a client of ours for four years and needed help with a new part of his plan. But they had a similar problem.


They knew they needed to do something. They knew it would cost money. And they knew they didn’t want to waste money either.


The potential client was a very successful entrepreneur and investor looking for a move to a certain city in one of our favorite offshore destinations. He wanted to free himself from the US.


He said to us bluntly, “This move is going to cost me millions. I expect your plan to help me legally limit these losses. Just as importantly, I expect you to make sure I don’t make a mistake that could cost me a lot more money than it needs to.”


The other person — our client of four years — needed some help with his estate plan. He owns real estate in two different countries with two very different legal systems and no obvious way to make the two parts work together.


As he told me, “I want to be able to give my assets to the people I care about here in the US. I want it to be simple and as cheap as possible.”


What tied the two together? The ability to save money.


In the investor’s case, leaving the US will potentially cost him millions of dollars. Part of our work with him will be a very detailed analysis of his situation to come up with options to save him money.


In our client’s case, we’ll be working to maximize the amount of money he can pass onto his heirs without tax or the expense of probate.


In such situations, a planning fee — whether $16,000, $26,000, or even $36,000 — is a small price to pay. 

Just $100 Today

As you already know, this industry is full of shysters, scammers, charlatans and frauds.

It drives me nuts to see so many people get cheated by the bad guys. Those who make big promises as long as you pay a big fee upfront.

In fact, referrals to trustworthy professionals is one of the biggest requests we get on a daily basis.

So here’s what I’d like to do.

I’ve put together a simple process to make sure that we can truly deliver on our promises for your specific situation. We’ll go through that first – for a small deposit of $100 – and if it’s not the right fit, you’ll get a prompt refund.

If it is a good fit, we’ll collect the remaining balance owed and jump right in delivering on everything I talked about in this letter.

We’re serious about only working with clients we know we can help. That’s why you need to talk to a Nestmann Associate first.

During this brief interview, my Associate will ask you a couple questions to see if you’re a good fit. You can have your questions answered too.

Then, he’ll let you know the fee and if you both think it’s the right time to enter the program, you’ll have an opportunity to do so.

I can’t make it any easier than that.

Here’s How to Get Started

After making your $100 deposit through this link, you can schedule your discovery consultation with a Nestmann Associate. He’ll ask some questions to ensure the program is a good fit for you, and you can ask any of your own too.

If you’re accepted into Private Wealth, you’ll then be introduced to your personal program concierge.

That person will be your dedicated day-to-day contact throughout your program, ensuring you’re always talking to the one person who knows your entire client file. It’s a white glove concierge service.


Mark Nestmann

Founder, The Nestmann Group

P.S. The CEO of a leading financial newsletter business (and a private client) once said to me: “You’ve forgotten more than most ‘experts’ know on this topic.” I’ll admit I was flattered, but it’s not that far off. I’ve seen everything that can go right and wrong when it comes to offshore protection strategies.

As a bulldog researcher, I’ve helped to uncover the lies, frauds and scam artists in the field. I’ve even been sued for naming names ahead of the curve (which later turned out to be true).

In many ways, I’ve become a kind of de facto consumer protection advocate – leveraging my skills and experience to protect my clients’ and customers’ interests.

Private Wealth is an opportunity for you to enjoy the same – just like I have for thousands of customers and clients over the decades.

Here’s just a very small sample of their feedback:

I am truly grateful for the outstanding guidance and international expertise provided by Mark, Brandon and the entire team. They have extensive insights, resources and experiences and most importantly are highly principled with their recommendations to serve my needs first and upmost. With the increasing financial and political threats against the individual, it is very reassuring to have the Nestmann Group as trusted partners to preserve wealth and freedom..
– Rocky*, Los Angeles, California
*Name changed to protect client’s privacy.

Mark was much better at weeding through the big-picture issues and getting to what seemed a useful level of detail without being bogged down in mind-numbing minutia.
– S.C.

I consider the money I paid to Mr. Nestmann for his advice one of the best investments I’ve ever made.
– A.S.

My consultation with Mark Nestmann ended up saving me hundreds of thousands of dollars.
– B.K.

I could not be happier with the results your guidance has produced for me.
– C.J.

Super sharp, trustworthy, legitimate, serious, and “the real deal.”
– B.W.

And from industry experts:

I’ve known Mark Nestmann for more than 15 years and have to say, when it comes to protecting your assets, privacy, and personal freedom, he’s one of the best in the business. His track record speaks for itself.

More importantly, though, he truly cares about the people he works with. He goes the extra mile to make sure that anything he does really benefits his customers and clients. It’s why I’m happy to recommend him and his products to anyone looking to go offshore the right way.

Bob Bauman, Former US Congressmen and Legal Counsel to The Sovereign Society

Mark is a leading asset protection specialist… definitely worth the price if you are serious about saving your ass and your assets.

Simon Black, of

I’m also grateful to count other leaders such as former US Congressman Ron Paul, Dr. Gary North, and FreedomFest Founder Dr. Mark Skousen as fans.