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We build world-class wealth protection plans for American investors, businesspeople, and high net worth clients, to help them diversify their assets, safeguard their investments, and legally reduce their tax burden.
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We live in uncertain times. Some people will win. Others will lose some, or even most, of what they’ve worked hard to build. In which group will you be? It depends on an idea we’ve become famous for. Join our course to learn how.

Wealth Protection Strategies
The Best Ways to Reduce US-Based Risk
How to Safeguard Your Investments
Where to Look for Better Opportunities
How to Legally Reduce Your Tax Burden
How to Protect Yourself from the Dollar Collapse
How to Legally Hide Your Money from Lawsuits
How to Safely Go Offshore (for any budget)

Since 1984, we’ve helped
more than 15,000 clients protect their wealth.

How? By building wealth protection plans that help them safely and legally diversify their assets out of the dollar, across investment classes, and even across borders.

You’ve worked hard to build what you have. Let us help you protect it.

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An Unmatched Level of Experience

In 1984, our founder Mark Nestmann started using international strategies to help Americans protect their wealth.

40 years later, we’re still here.

When you work with the Nestmann Group for your wealth protection planning, you are tapping into an unmatched level of experience and expertise you simply can’t find elsewhere.

There are many players out there, some with much slicker marketing, who throw big names around, and host flashy conferences.

We’re not that. We’re a low-key firm with conservative values dedicated to helping US clients protect what they‘ve worked hard to build.

If you appreciate the quiet confidence that comes with decades of experience, why not see if our bespoke planning is right for you.

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