The best way to go offshore in 2024

Going offshore has never been more important. It gives you a layer of protection and level of freedom you can’t get inside the US. Not to mention a way out if you need it.
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Over the past decade or so, “offshore advice” services have multiplied like mushrooms after a rainstorm.

A few of them are very good. Others are incompetent at best and downright criminal at worst.

That’s the first thing that makes us different. We’ve been at this for 36 years (and counting). We know what works and what doesn’t. What will get you what you want and what will cause you nothing but headaches.

That sort of perspective is built slowly over decades. You can’t copy it without putting in the time.

Then there is the number of clients served. More than 15,000 of them. I doubt there’s a situation we haven’t come across before.

And finally, there’s our network. We couldn’t succeed without our worldwide team of experts – lawyers, bankers, asset managers, financial planners, offshore real estate professionals, and residency and citizenship consultants. Some of those relationships go back decades and now cross generations. We know we can trust them to serve our clients well.

We’re not the cheapest nor do we try to be. But if you truly want a competent, experienced and well-rounded team of professionals to help you go offshore the right way, we’re well worth your consideration.

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Work with us directly to build and then implement your best Plan B, using both domestic and offshore options as needed. Designed for US taxpaying clients with a minimum $1,000,000 net worth.

Since 2007, we’ve helped hundreds of clients successfully get a second passport without a single rejection. Would you like one too? Learn more about it here. Or, if you’re ready to go, get in touch ( or (602) 767-1717) to book an introductory consultation with a Nestmann associate.

Our premier membership service, the Nestmann Inner Circle provides an ongoing source of research and resources to help you build your own domestic and offshore Plan B the right way the first time. From banking and asset management to business protection, second passports to residencies. Who to follow and what to avoid.

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The Nestmann Group does not sell, rent or otherwise share your private details with third parties. Learn more about our privacy policy here.