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Work with some of the top minds in the business to successfully protect your assets, your nest egg and your privacy.

As our premium asset protection intelligence service, the Nestmann Inner Circle GOLD is a mix of intelligence and insights on all topics related to asset protection – both domestic and international solutions. That includes:

  • Effective structuring for every risk level
  • Business protection for entrepreneurs
  • Conservative asset protection investments
  • Banking risk protection
  • Privacy protection (both online and off)
  • Second passports and residencies
  • And plenty more

This Program is
for You if You:

  • Currently live in the United States or abroad.
  • Are interested in ways to protect your assets, nest egg and/or personal privacy.
  • Are a beginner or seasoned investor.
  • Have at least $50,000 in savings or make $100,000 a year.
  • Optional: Are thinking about retirement (or are recently retired).
  • Optional: Are a business owner or successful investor.

GOLD Benefits


Nestmann Inner Circle Alerts.
Three times a month, you’ll receive a fully researched briefing on a topic of relevance to asset protection, your nest egg or your personal privacy. It might be tax information or notes from the field as we look at passport programs in some exotic region. Or digital privacy. Or important regulatory considerations. The list is almost endless.


Interviews with Leading Experts.
Once a quarter, you’ll be introduced to an under-the-radar expert. These are the quiet professionals who don’t like to attract a lot of attention but are very good at what they do and have agreed to share their professional insights with you.


Monthly Roundup.
Clearly, we need to go through a lot of information to stay current on all the topics we cover here at The Nestmann Group. Unless this is your full-time job, it can be tough to keep up. Hence the Monthly Roundup. Every month, we send you the best of under-the-radar news stories and developments from the last 30 days that you need to see - along with our thoughts on why.

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