The Beginner Expat's Guide to Mexico

Your Mexican expat journey starts here!

Thinking about the “expat Mexico” move in 2024? Our guide will help you decide.

For many Americans (as well as Canadians), Mexico offers the best of all worlds… The cost of living can be much lower, there’s a climate to suit almost anyone, and the people are often friendly and welcoming.

But there can be pitfalls. Not everything is like in the travelogues and expat blogs.

So is Mexico right for you? Read the Beginner’s Expat Guide to Mexico below to find out.

Mexican hat sombrero

Before you get started, it’s helpful to get the 30,000ft view of what a life in Mexico can look like.

Mayan temple
If you’ve decided to buy property for investment, enjoyment or both, here’s what you need to know.
bowl of tortilla chips

Learn how to get temporary or permanent residency in Mexico… or even citizenship.

red flower

We’ve rounded up the best expat cities and communities. Which one’s right for you?

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