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The Nestmann Exchange was created for people who are newer to the world of Plan B’s. Every month, we “deep dive” into a finance-related topic… a threat on the horizon or an opportunity waiting to be seized… and the best way forward.

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Past Topics Include…

February 2024:
The #1 Best Country for International Wealth Management

  • The 2 Factors that have made Switzerland the number one place for foreign wealth management.
  • The often-misunderstood truth about "Swiss bank secrecy".
  • Why Switzerland is the best place right now for US clients looking to internationalize without having to leave the US.
  • What makes Swiss banks safer than US banks... and less at risk of a bail-in.
  • An insider's look at Swiss investment management.
  • How much you should expect to pay for top-tier asset management.

January 2024:
The World in 2024: Biden vs Trump, Bail-ins, and Black Swans

  • Why it's highly unlikely the Fed will be able to lower interest rates this year as "promised" in the last few weeks... and why higher interests is the cause.
  • How the approval of 11 Bitcoin ETFs may just dramatically change the crypto market for the better... and how it left Uncle Sam with a big black eye in the process.
  • What our federal government might look like following election day... and how that could affect your day-to-day life.
  • A simple way to protect your investments through the ups and downs that 2024 will likely be remembered for.

December 2023:
2023: A Year of Big Surprises and Even Bigger Threats

  • The Big Bitcoin Bounceback: The two dominant factors driving the huge price gains for both Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2023.
  • The growing timebomb within the financial system. Every day the Fed’s interest rate remain so high threatens the national banking system… from big banks to small.
  • The megatrend that created more wealth in the past 30 years than ever has gone into reverse… here’s how it will affect most Americans.

November 2023:
The Winners and Losers of High Interest Rates

  • How the unprecedented rise in interest rates have hurt the economy… and who it’s (sometimes secretly) helped.
  • How the value of stocks and bonds have been impacted by interest rate changes… the winners and the losers… and how the losers suggest a financial reckoning might not be too far away.
  • The ticking timebomb set off by high interest rates…
  • Why the era of low interest rates was an anomaly… and unlikely to ever happen again in our lifetimes.
  • How we, as consumers, can adapt.

October 2023:
Could This End the War on Cash?

  • What a Central Bank Digital Coin actually is and how it works.
  • How a CBDC can actually be a good thing for both businesses and consumers like you and me.
  • How the feds could use a CBDC to punish people who don’t do what the government wants (it’s already happening in China)… Unsurprisingly, the World Economic Forum is in favor of it too.
  • The biggest reason a CBDC is unlikely to replace the dollar anytime soon…

September 2023:
FedNow, FedCoin and You

  • What a Central Bank Digital Coin actually is and how it works.
  • How a CBDC can actually be a good thing for both businesses and consumers like you and me.
  • How the feds could use a CBDC to punish people who don’t do what the government wants (it’s already happening in China)… Unsurprisingly, the World Economic Forum is in favor of it too.
  • The biggest reason a CBDC is unlikely to replace the dollar anytime soon…

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