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The Basics of Offshore Freedom

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What it Really Takes to Get a Second Passport

A second passport is about freedom. But how do you get one? Which one is best? And is it right for you? This article will answer those questions and more…

How to Go Offshore
in 2022

[CASE STUDY] How we helped two close-to-retirement clients protect their nest egg.

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Learn about the larger trends and specific investments to help you safely invest offshore – foreign stocks, precious metals, crypto and real estate.

Start Securing Your Plan B


The Global Stock Analyst gives you the tools, insights and recommendations to help you trade international stocks — when to enter, when to hold and when to exit. It features “Mr. X” — a Wall Street insider who has accurately predicted market movements and trading opportunities for more two decades.

Since 2007, we’ve helped hundreds of clients successfully get a second passport without a single rejection. Would you like one too? Learn more about it here. Or, if you’re ready to go, get in touch ( or (602) 767-1717) to book an introductory consultation with a Nestmann associate.

Work with us directly to build and then implement your best Plan B, using both domestic and offshore options as needed. Designed for US taxpaying clients with a minimum $500,000 net worth.


Over more than two decades, the Lifeboat Strategy has become the industry standard on domestic and offshore asset protection. It shows you how to preserve your privacy, protect your wealth and avoid ambulance chasers. And in certain cases, even lower your tax bill.

Based on the real-world experience that comes with serving more than 15,000 customers and clients.


Our premier membership service, the Nestmann Inner Circle provides an ongoing source of research and resources to help you build your own domestic and offshore Plan B the right way the first time. From banking and asset management to business protection, second passports to residencies. Who to follow and what to avoid.