Man & Wife on the
Edge of Retirement
Afraid for America...

John and Kathy Olmstead are about as American as apple pie. Salt of the earth folk from America’s heartland, they’ve worked hard to build themselves a nest egg that will see them through retirement and still leave their son and daughter a decent estate. But they have some serious doubts on whether this is still possible or not.

“Kathy and I are Afraid”

They are concerned about their savings… and how Obama’s “eat the rich” policies – one that perversely affects Middle Americans more than anyone else – will linger for years to come, affecting their goals. In Olmstead’s words, “We don’t think the country has been on the right path.”

Lieto’s Nightmare

In February 2010, New York businessman James Lieto had $392,000 seized by federal agents as part of a much larger FBI investigation, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Lieto, who owns a check-cashing business, routinely used an armored car company to pick up cash from his bank for delivery to his outlets. The sealed bank bags were often stored overnight in the car company’s vaults.

FBI Seizes $19 Million

Unfortunately, other clients – including the subject of the investigation – also used the same facilities. When the FBI swooped in, they seized $19 million in all, including Lieto’s $392,000.

Under the law, an innocent third party generally cannot seek the return of an asset until the underlying criminal case is resolved, which can take time. In this case, the two men pleaded guilty in fall 2010 to a multi-million dollar fraud.

Man Waits a Year to Get His Money Back

Even so, the authorities only agreed to give Lieto back his cash the following February.

For a full year, he struggled to deal with such a large hole in his regular cash flow. Thankfully, he stayed in business long enough to see the return of his funds. However, many clients are not so lucky.

Who’s Protecting Hardworking Americans?

It’s stories like these that first drove the Olmsteads to Mark Nestmann of The Nestmann Group, an asset protection specialist based in Phoenix, AZ, of whom former Congressman Robert E. Bauman has said, “When it comes to protecting your assets, privacy and personal freedom, he’s one of the best in the business.”

In fact, he has helped more than 9,000 hardworking Americans protect their wealth from growing government intrusion, frivolous lawsuits and other threats. His clients include top lawyers, accountants and executives of large and small companies, as well as retired grandmothers, up-and-coming entrepreneurs and highly paid employees. And a number of Hollywood personalities, too.

Today’s Environment Not Safe

According to Nestmann, “The federal government has changed greatly over my 30-plus years in the business. It has become much more predatory to successful Americans. The current environment makes it really hard to protect oneself legally without considering more alternative methods. Proper planning done five, 10 or 20 years ago often can’t hold up in the face of a determined adversary.”

That’s what has prompted Nestmann to offer what he calls “international diversification strategies.”

Strategies Proven by History

“John Templeton, famous investor and American trailblazer was one of the first to use the fundamental strategies I use to help clients protect and preserve their wealth. These strategies have been around for centuries and were used by the wealthy during the Great Wars of the 20th century and the European aristocracy during the turbulent Middle Ages. There is even evidence of Roman officials using these strategies nearly 2,000 years ago. They are designed to be used when the economy and political situation are unstable, as they are right now. And they are proven,” says Nestmann.

Indeed, after substantial research, the Olmsteads approached Nestmann to create a capital preservation plan for them as well.

Most Accountants and Lawyers Are Unaware of These Strategies

“Very few people do this well,” says Olmstead. “We interviewed a cross-section of professionals from across the country and found that very few knew anything about it.”

Nestmann concurs. “Most lawyers and accountants are trained to use strategies available here in the US. Unfortunately, that is simply not enough to protect successful US clients. Recent court decisions have proved this beyond a doubt. But it is very hard to find experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can do this sort of planning correctly. It is certainly a specialist niche.”

International Diversification

It’s this specialty that has helped Nestmann attract mostly conservative, mostly Republican–type clients looking for safer, low-risk ways to preserve and protect their wealth – both for themselves in retirement and to be able to pass on to their children and grandchildren without the government taking the lion’s share.

Protect Your Wealth

In fact, Nestmann has put together a new program for conservative investors looking for a better way to protect themselves from what he calls “the decline of America.” It’s called the American Retirement Protection Plan: Your Safe-Haven Guide to Protecting Your Nest Egg, Your Family and Your Future in These Turbulent Times.

According to Nestmann, “Readers will discover the same strategies that I have used for the past three decades-plus to protect my clients’ assets from the many threats that come with living in today’s America. Strategies like:

  • “How to make yourself nearly bulletproof to lawsuits... even if you are likely to lose (this unique structure drives most lawyers crazy)

  • “The #1 BIGGEST Myth when it comes to proper wealth and estate planning... in fact, your accountant probably believes it too.

  • This one simple mistake could cause your family to lose up to half your estate after you pass. Thank goodness it's very easy to fix.”

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