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What’s it Like Living in Dominica?

  • author Mark Nestmann
  • calendar May 10, 2010

I just returned to Phoenix after nearly a week in the Commonwealth of Dominica.  During my visit, I had the opportunity meet citizens of Dominica from all walks of life, including a client living there.

Dominica is very different from the USA, and I was curious about how my client was adjusting to life.  She told me that the experience had been very positive, but that she had to make some adjustments from life in America.

The biggest adjustment, she said, was that Dominica has a much slower pace of life.  Nothing gets done very quickly.  Type A personalities don't fare well in Dominica, unless they…well, adjust.

If you form a business in Dominica and hire local workers, you may find that your employees reflect this mindset.  They'll work hard, but not particularly quickly.  They may "test" you to see if you're willing to do the same work you're asking them to do.  Family ties are also all-important in Dominica, so don't be surprised if a wedding or other family event comes before work.

While Dominica isn't a wealthy country, many of its amenities are up to first-world standards.  Telecommunications and Internet services are excellent and relatively affordable.  Most Dominicans can't afford to live in the type of accommodations to which Americans are accustomed, but there are numerous options to rent or purchase a well-built residence with first-class amenities.  Most expats living on Dominica use local facilities for routine health care, but fly to Grenada for major procedures.

If you're willing to adjust your expectations to the culture, you can live very well in Dominica.  You can find fresh fruit and vegetables for sale almost everywhere you go.  Indeed, Dominica is largely self-sufficient in food—an important consideration if some future crisis were to restrict global trade.  The scenery is spectacular with soaring mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, and even a boiling lake.  And while Dominica imports most of its energy, there are plentiful opportunities to tap solar, hydropower, and geothermal resources.

Then there are the simple virtues of being left alone.  Dominica doesn't have a network of CCTV cameras, E-Z Pass tollbooths, and it doesn't tax offshore income.  If you don't like the government snooping into every nook and cranny of your life, you'll love Dominica.

If you're considering relocating somewhere "off the radar screen," Dominica is worth considering.  And if you purchase a Dominican passport, you have the automatic right of residence there (and also in most other members of the Caribbean Community or CARICOM).

The price for Dominican economic citizenship starts at US$75,000 for a single applicant (US$100,000 for a family). To qualify, you only need a clean background and a genuine interest in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Contact me for more information on how you can obtain a Dominican passport.

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P.S. If you already have a passport from Dominica, look it over to make certain that it's a machine-readable document, not handwritten.  Effective March 31, 2008, the old style handwritten passports are no longer valid.  Should you need to convert your handwritten Dominican passport into a machine-readable one, we can assist you in doing so—please contact me for more information.

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