We lost a man in Ukraine…

You may know that we have three offices – Canada, the West Indies and our HQ in Phoenix.

But you may not know that our team is also spread out around the world, with quite a few in Europe.

Two of them sit in northern Romania pretty close to the Ukraine border.

Another — who helps us with graphics work — was in Kyiv. But since the war with Russia, he’s gone missing.

Why do I bring this up?

Because it contains a warning for all of us. So often I talk to clients who spend so much time ‘thinking’ about their Plan B… and don’t do much.

I bet plenty of people in Ukraine were ‘thinking’. They could all see what was happening — it was right there in pictures on the evening news. Then the Russian tanks rolled in…

If you’ve seen the chaos on the highways leading out of Kyiv, you’ll have seen what “too late” looks like.

We don’t normally put out letters like this — we follow the facts; we don’t chase emotion.

But we felt it was important to bring this message to you now. Not to shock or scare you, but simply to try and salvage something from a terrible situation.

The world is unstable. Chaos isn’t somewhere “out there.” To most people, another war in Europe was unthinkable.

Then it wasn’t.

And although America is unlikely to experience something like that anytime soon, there are plenty of threats right here. Chaos comes in many forms.

And if you’re serious about protecting yourself from it, come what may, here are a few resources that can help you…

If you’re interested in a second passport, book in a call with Brandon here to see if it’s right for you.

If you’re interested in getting your Plan B started (or back on track), book in a call with Mark here.

Or if you’re brand new to all of this and need to better understand what goes into building a Plan B in the first place, consider the Lifeboat Strategy. You can learn about that here.

P.S. We’ll keep trying to reach our man Marko. Hopefully we will. But we’re being realistic.

And that’s probably the most disturbing thing about this…

…what being “realistic” means in today’s world.

On another note, many clients first get to know us by accessing some of our well-researched courses and reports on important topics that affect you.

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