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Second Passport, Residency, and Travel Hour Hits #1

  • author Mark Nestmann
  • calendar December 25, 2012

As host of the Internet radio show "The Second Passport, Residency, and Travel Hour," I was thrilled to find out that my show leads the entire Overseas Radio Network in downloads! I really appreciate our listeners and am pleased they find the interviews I conduct weekly useful.

Here's a summary of my broadcasts since ORN resumed live programming in November:

November 2, 2012:  Mark Nestmann and I discussed the recently-concluded "Escape from America" seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mark also revealed why your money is no longer safe in U.S. financial institutions and the possible origin of a new buzzword, "derogatory national security record." Plus, Mark described some new options for U.S. citizens seeking offshore banking options. Click here to listen to this show.

November 9, 2012: Mark and I discussed the results of the recent U.S. election and its likely impact on offshore banking. Mark also described his personal experience in applying for residence in the Republic of Panama, and I discussed my recent visit to Cuba. Click here to listen to this show.

November 16, 2012: On this show, I interviewed Debbie Ransome, former chief of the BBC Caribbean Service and the current editor of the Caribbean Intelligence Web site ( Debbie's many years as a journalist in the Caribbean give her unparalleled insight into the reality of life in this region.  Click here to listen to this show.

November 23, 2012: My wife and I took a long-awaited vacation this week, so I asked Andrea Louis of the Dominica Broadcasting Service to sit in for me as a guest host. Andrea, a native of the Commonwealth of Dominica, devoted the hour to discussing currents events and trends both in the Commonwealth of Dominica and the Caribbean region as a whole. Click here to listen to this show.

November 30, 2012: Mark Nestmann and I discussed the proliferation of black market and grey market passports. These documents are heavily promoted on the Internet. Mark described what you need to do to determine if a passport offered you is legitimate or not. We also discussed more about the process of applying for residence in Panama as well as the planned crackdown on persons crossing U.S. national borders with "stored value cards" in their possession. Click here to listen to this show.

December 14, 2012: I interviewed Jim Sexton, president of the Esquire Group, Ltd., an accounting firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jim discussed the likely impact of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) in forcing U.S. tax compliance. He also described the tax impact of expatriation and other offshore tax related topics. Click here to listen to this show.

I invite you to listen to these broadcasts at your convenience. And, if you have a question you'd like me to address on the air, please contact me at Of course, you can always listen to my show live on ORN. It broadcasts at 15.00 EST each Friday. In January, it will move to 15.00 EST each Tuesday.

Copyright (c) 2012 by The Nestmann Group, Ltd.

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