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Secrets of a Failed System: We are your Wake-Up Call.

Our country is broke.

If the US government were a corporation, it would’ve gone belly-up long ago.

I know most people don’t want to hear that.

They want to pretend everything’s fine, keep their head in the sand and deny what we see on the horizon. They're happy to call us all kooks and conspiracy theorists. But the facts, however painful to hear, don't lie. Our way of life is changing – and not for the better.

As I write this, a 24-hour cable news feed reports the day’s news we’ve become far too used to.

Gun play, shootouts, mass hysteria… some company you’ve never heard of from a faraway place just bought out a plant in your home state and now production is moving elsewhere, taking jobs with it.

Recent history has shown that our government’s only plan is to grab all the cash they can by any means necessary and attack anyone who doesn’t comply.

Are you being punished for pursuing the American Dream?

The United States of America is supposed to be different. Our founding fathers fought and died so we would have a right to live our lives as we want and think how we want so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. That was the idea behind the Bill of Rights.

But that's been taken away. The proof is right here at home.

  1. In one scandalous case, the NSA demanded Verizon, the nation’s largest mobile provider, hand over all the data from phone calls made between US citizens on their servers… Their demand actually excluded any calls from foreign sources. They just wanted the records of ordinary AMERICAN telephone conversations. This Means YOU!

And while that's bad, it gets worse. They've begun to hit us where it really hurts... our wallets.

  1. The IRS has made it clear they think they are entitled to the personal financial information of every American, no matter where that money is or whether they've paid tax on it already. THEY STILL WANT MORE.

Your freedom will be taken from your back pocket

The idea used to be, the more assets you have, the more freedom you enjoy to live as you want  – get the best healthcare, take nice vacations, be able to choose the career you want rather than taking any job that pays the bills. It makes sense.

Generally speaking, people with greater assets enjoy a higher standard of living.

And so, what better way to control someone than by controlling their assets and their ability to earn income? To make them dependent on the system?

That's exactly what the government has done: state-sanctioned robbery of anyone with assets. We’re not just talking about the big bad “rich,” but honest hard-working middle class people. People like you.

Something's changed. It has gone unnoticed by the average Joe, but I've seen it.

Anyone with ANY assets has been reclassified as "The Rich"

Those of us with savings, work ethic and productive natures are in the crosshairs. Even something as simple as owning your own home can make you a target.

It's open season and we're the prey, with big white and red targets on our backs.

And the truth is, the system has become such that it's becoming ever easier to land that arrow.

The Solution

Thankfully, there are still solutions. That's what I've done for more than 15,000 customers and clients over the past 30 years.

And I have to say, while there are fewer options available to us Americans than there were just a few short years ago, the window is still open a crack.

I highly recommend you squeeze through before it shuts forever.

The First Step Be Informed

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A Little More about Mark Nestmann

Wealth protection is what I do.

With an office here in Phoenix – plus a network of trusted contacts all over the world built over 30 years – I'm able to get the real dirt about a situation that others simply can't.

I have a Masters of Law (LL.M) in international tax law.

My work has been featured in well-known media outlets including The Washington Post, ABC News, The New York Times, Bloomberg News, Business Week and Forbes.

In addition, I’ve been featured in popular niche publications including The Harry Schultz Letter, The Daily Reckoning and Simon Black’s Sovereign Man Confidential. I also regularly appear on Jim Puplava’s Financial Sense Network, LewRockwell.com, The Oxford Club, The Sovereign Society (of which I was a co-founder) and many others.

I'm happy to say that fans of my work include former US Congressmen Ron Paul and Bob Bauman, as well as famed analysts Gary North and Dr. Mark Skousen. More importantly, I'm very proud of the fact that I've been able to help more than 15,000 customers and clients protect their assets, protect themselves and live more free lives.

The liberty our founding fathers fought and died for has been stolen in the name of “security.”

Our right to privacy is long gone, too.

Our emails are hacked, cell phones tracked and even our bank balance is no longer just our business.

This is not the America we grew up in… so much for the land of the free.

The time has come to take back your rights. To once again seize control of your destiny. Our new five-lesson FREE course will show you more than 20 easy ways to get back in control.