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Are You Afraid of Lawsuits? You Should Be

A few days ago, the trusty clothes iron I used for many years died. When I plugged it in, it produced a thin trail of smoke and a strong electrical odor. Needless to say, I replaced it right away.

Big Brother Becomes Social

I’m a huge science fiction fan. I grew up watching The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, and my current favorite sci-fi series is Black Mirror on Netflix.

Americans Still Can (and Should) Invest Internationally

I’ve just returned from nearly three weeks in Europe, where I visited with my network of international bankers, asset managers, and trustees.

A Country You’ve Never Heard of Is a Beacon of Hope

In the 30-plus years I’ve been in the publishing business, I’ve seen my share of “new countries.” Some are scams, such as the Dominion of Melchizedek, which I exposed as a fraud nearly two decades ago.

Have Your Offshore Interests Been Leaked?

A new batch of stolen data from an offshore services provider has now been released. Dubbed the “Paradise Papers,” the leak consists of more than 13.4 million documents from Appleby’s, an international law firm based in Bermuda.

It’s Time to End Corporate Welfare

When I moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1996, one of the first local political controversies I encountered was over the funding of a stadium for a Major League Baseball (MLB) team.

Congress Just Made It Easier to Scam You

Almost every time you click on the “terms and conditions” tab on a website, you’ll see language like this: Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract...

The War on Bitcoin Is Here

Bitcoin continues to set almost daily price records.Yesterday it was selling for $6,953.58/BTC. Indeed, since the beginning of 2017, the price of bitcoin has more than quadrupled.

The Collapse of Medicare… and What You Can Do About It

Most Nestmann clients are around my age – I just turned 62. Some are older and some are younger.

Are You Ready to Become a Vulture Capitalist?

For the last month, I’ve watched the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico in the wake of hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Your “Expectation of Privacy” Just Got Lower

Last month, researchers at Stanford University announced they had developed software that was able to accurately predict a person’s sexual orientation.

Second Citizenship on Sale in the Caribbean

In September, hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria devastated the Caribbean region. The billions of dollars in damages have spurred price reductions for the citizenship-by-investment programs (CIPs) in some Caribbean jurisdictions. 

Will Tariffs Trigger the Next Great Depression?

Every time the US economy hits a rough spot, there’s political clamor for Congress to impose protectionist measures – laws that impose tariffs or otherwise restrict imports.

“Asset Protection” Isn’t a Scam

In the last few months, I’ve noticed an increasing stream of articles in the professional journals I read with the same theme: only tax evaders, fraudsters, and criminals pursue asset protection.

A World Without Nation-States

Millions of Americans in Texas, Florida, and other states affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have had their lives upended by these storms. We extend our thoughts and concerns to all of them.

Are You Ready for Your Implantable Microchip?

If you're familiar with the Star Trek spin-off television series, The Next Generation, starring Patrick Stewart, you know about the Borg. 

Your Government Shutdown Survival Guide

On or around October 2, the US federal government will shut down – again. The actual date could be a bit earlier or later, depending on how the government’s cash flows.

This Asset Protection Technique is Gaining New Respectability

It seems like an eternity ago, but I remember the day I first learned about something called an asset protection trust.

Over Half of IRA Investors May be Making this Catastrophic Mistake

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a fantastic tool to sock away money for retirement. Contributions are tax-deductible, and the growth of the assets...

Goodbye – and Good Riddance – to Net Neutrality

Over the last few weeks, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has received millions of comments protesting the agency’s proposal to reverse Obama-era rules protecting so-called net neutrality.

Will the Deep State Save Us from Dictatorship?

President Trump and some of his aides are convinced that they are the victims of a conspiracy, an effort by what they call the Deep State to discredit his presidency.

Civil Forfeiture on Steroids: Senate Bill Would Confiscate Everything You Own

In late May, Senators Charles Grassley, Dianne Feinstein, and Sheldon Whitehouse introduced the Combating Money Laundering...

Why I Don’t Feel Sorry for the IRS

Maybe I’m crazy, but I actually sympathize with employees of the IRS. They work for an agency that’s lost 14% of its employees and 18% of its funding since 2010.

The Drones Are Coming!

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at my PC at home when something outside caught my eye. I looked out the window, and hovering above the palo verde tree in my front yard was a drone.

Why Your US Passport Could Become Less Valuable

In May, the Department of State received approval for an emergency procedure for more thorough review of certain US visa applications.

No More Frivolous Lawsuits?

I just finished a series of meetings with a client, a lawyer who no longer practices law but has shrewdly invested in a series of startups. He’s amassed a multi-million dollar fortune – and a collection of frivolous lawsuits.

“Our Man in Panama” is Dead

Manuel Noriega, former dictator of Panama, died May 29 at age 83. Americans under the age of 40 have little memory of Noriega because he spent the last 27 years of his life in prison.

The Bitcoin Phenomenon (and How to Profit from It)

I’ve never been an early adopter of new technologies. While cell phones started to become popular in the 1980s, I didn’t buy my first one until a decade later.

US Once Again Proves It’s Best Place to Launder Money

Last week, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) agreed to settle a long-standing money laundering investigation against Citigroup, one of the largest banks in the US, without bringing criminal charges.

How Stable Are Your Social Security and Pension Benefits?

Pensions are a relatively new phenomenon. The first pensions date back to the 17th century, but the first modern pension scheme didn’t come into effect until 1889...

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