It’s the Ultimate Escape Hatch…

Some people pay a small fortune for the privilege.
Others spend years chasing it.
You might just score it for free…
(Provided you know where to look, that is.)

I’m referring, of course, to a second passport. It’s something that brings you:

  • Protection against evildoers: The American government has a lot of enemies. Sometimes, that hatred is taken out on anyone with a US passport. But with a second passport from a neutral nation, you have nothing to fear. Terrorists don’t generally go after the Dominicans.

  • Visa-free Travel: Arguably the single biggest factor that separates a “good” passport from a “bad” one is the number of countries it offers visa-free travel to. Naturally, the more the better.

  • Expatriation: If you ever wanted to “call it quits” with your current government, a second passport is your ticket out. Renouncing your citizenship is a serious decision, but can make sense in some circumstances. But it’s not possible without a second passport.

  • A special kind of insurance: Your passport is owned by your home government, not you. That means they can revoke or cancel your passport should they see fit. But a second passport serves as an insurance policy. Even if local authorities play hard ball, you’ve got a way to escape.

No wonder people are willing to pay millions and/or wait years to get a second citizenship and the passport that comes with it.

And yet, you might qualify to get one for free. Millions of Americans do… and don’t even know it.

It Starts With a Good Guide

You don’t want to end up like Darren:

He found a “well-priced” (read: cheap) provider and got to work.

Put up the money. Filled out the paperwork. Got the passport.

But he wasn’t told (and never asked) WHY the whole thing was so cheap. He thought he was just getting a good deal.

Of course, there is no free lunch. It was so cheap because his fee got him only a travel document that looks identical to a regular passport – not citizenship, which is much more involved.

Not realizing that, he divorced Uncle Sam. Legally speaking, he “expatriated“.

And for 3 good years, he traveled all over the world – free from the stigma that comes with the US passport.

Till it came time to renew his “passport.” Then the problems began.

First the big one. By expatriating without having another citizenship, he became “stateless.“

In other words, a man without a home. Once his travel document expired, he couldn’t legally travel. Or live. Or work. Anywhere.

He was very much a refugee.

And that wasn’t the worst of it.

He liked to visit family in the US from time to time. But no longer being a US citizen meant applying for an entry visa.

That process requires you to swear an oath stating you “belong“ to another country.

Believing he was a citizen of “la república“, he said so. A felony under US law.

So basically, he ended up stateless and a criminal.

All because he took the “cheap” option and trusted the wrong people.

Now this is a pretty extreme case.

But there’s a good reason I share it:

If you are going to succeed in any second passport venture, it pays to have the right people on your team to help you avoid such pitfalls.

Just as you probably don’t try filling your own cavities (that’s what a dentist is for), you don’t want to try and sail the legal world of alternative citizenship on your own either.

At least, not without the proper map.

What qualifies me, Mark Nestmann, to help you get a second passport?

You might recognize me from my contributions to International Living magazine or the daily Postcards.

Or perhaps you’ve seen my work featured in The Washington Post, Forbes, The New York Times, Barron’s and many other well-known publications.

Fans of my work include former US Congressman Ron Paul, Dr. Gary North and Dr. Mark Skousen. Plus scores of customers and clients – over 9,000 and counting.

On the academic side of things, there’s my LL.M (Master of Law), awarded by the University of Vienna.

Of course, it’s not all just about me. My contacts give me a huge advantage too. For example, we held a conference back in 2012 here in Phoenix. We brought in some real experts from all over, plus one very special guest: the head of the Dominican government, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

As a general rule, a foreign head of government doesn’t just fly in to an offshore consultant’s event for the fun of it.

So, what does that all mean? I know how to help my clients secure second passports and citizenships throughout the world.

Real results, not pie in the sky promises.

I do it every day. And I’ve seen the good, bad and ugly in this business… which is great for you.


Because I can help steer you past the (many) pitfalls that can come up when getting a second passport, from “Passport Pitchmen” to confusing government requirements. That’s what this letter is all about.

With offices on the ground in London, Vienna, Nevis and Phoenix—and a trusted “who’s who” of contacts in this business built over 30 years—I know who to go to for help with almost any tricky situation.

Of course, I’m not perfect. I do struggle with one important thing - I’m not a good salesperson. But there are plenty in this game who are.

I call them the “Passport Pitchmen”

Nice website, clean collateral and smooth talking like nobody’s business.

These folks will promise you the sky… all for just a dollar or two.

And like a siren’s call, they suck in the unwary.

I’ve warned about one specific pitchman for years now. He’s been featured at many reputable conferences. He offers a wide range of programs at bargain basement prices, and promises to get you your second passport in an unbelievably short period of time.

Too bad he’s a complete fraud.

Last year, his Paraguayan passport program got busted. Police raided his partner’s house, seized the printing press and blanks upon which the client’s passports were printed, and arrested the forger.

In another instance, this same person offered a Bulgarian passport for a “reasonable fee”. However, you couldn’t use it to enter Bulgaria. Why? Because it involved corrupting local officials to sneak your data into the (still card-based) system.

This same guy also offered a Mexican “buy a citizenship” program… except that there doesn’t seem to be any record of him actually delivering on any of them. Which makes sense I suppose – there is no such legal program.

Clients have now caught on to him, of course. Criminal charges are pending, civil lawsuits have been launched and his house of cards is about to fall.

Again, a pretty extreme case. But he’s not the only one.

And for three decades, I’ve helped thousands of customers and clients avoid such snakes.

I’ve helped many Americans obtain a second passport. There’s no good reason you couldn’t do the same.

And heck, you might be able to get one for free.

I’ll tell you how in just a moment. But one more important point first.

There are three (and only three) legal ways to a second passport

  1. You can buy it.

  2. You can invest your time.

  3. Or you can go the “insider’s” way.

If you buy it… There are 7 (and only 7) legal ways to do it. Of course, if you do a search on the Internet, you’ll find cheap passports from places like Costa Rica, Mexico, Bulgaria, Singapore, Cambodia and on and on…

ALL of them are illegal in some way. They might be totally fake (think printing press in someone’s basement).

Or they might be ill-gotten (the corrupt bureaucrat who helps things along… for a fee).

You can invest your time… This process is called naturalization. You move to a place and get comfortable because you’ll be there a while. Some of the best passports like, say Switzerland, require you to reside for 12 years before they’ll grant you this very valuable citizenship.

Not all programs take so long, of course.

One very friendly English-speaking country offers citizenship in as little as 5 years (no kidding, eh?)

Another gives you automatic access to some of the nicest spots on the earth… from breathtaking glaciers to endless sun and white sandy beaches. You just have to spend a few years in this charming little corner of Northern Europe to get the travel document.

Business people will love this one… it’s got about everything you could ever want… an open policy to foreign workers, a vibrant entrepreneurial mindset among locals, and a climate to suit any taste. And with visa-free access to more than 141 countries, it’s a solid travel document too.

Then there’s the insider’s way.

Most people don’t know about the “backdoor” way to a second passport. It doesn’t involve any money (beyond nominal government fees) and you don’t have to spend time “naturalizing” if you don’t want.

Best of all, millions of Americans automatically qualify through this channel… could you be one of them?

Because in my newest work – The Nestmann Guide to Popular 2nd Passports– you learn about 15 of the most popular places to score this “instant” passport.

And there’s a lot more too…

For instance:

  • 6 reasons why a second passport is such a valuable form of “insurance”

  • The three major ways to get a second passport… but also two minor ones you might never have guessed (they are very specialized but give you full control on whether you qualify or not)

  • “BUY A PASSPORT” - Everything you ever needed to know about the 7 legal economic citizenship programs.

  • How to gain instant citizenship based on your own personal belief system. (Yes, there are two nations with friendly ties to America that offer this.)

  • How to (legally) use “local connections” to shortcut the 2nd passport process… in a few rare cases down to almost no waiting time at all.

  • IF YOU DON’T QUALIFY ANY OTHER WAY: 15 countries around the world (from Europe to South America) that are happy to give you citizenship... even if you don't qualify under any other program and don't have the dollars to invest in any citizenship-by-investment program.

  • The pitfall to rule them all… this simple mistake could actually cost you your second passport. Luckily, it’s also really easy to avoid. I tell you exactly how.

  • BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: One of the world’s longest standing economic citizenship programs has just been approved for visa-free access to a major trading bloc. That means the price is about to go up. But, with the right contacts, you could “sneak in” under the old rate. (And yes, it’s fully legal.)

  • CAUTION: A big drawback for one of the most feted economic citizenship programs of recent years... it’s still a great program but definitely not originally as advertised. (You need to move there for some time.)

  • ONE OF MY FAVORITES: The story of the popular second residence that won’t tax you a dime for income earned outside the country – no matter how long you spend there.

  • A serious primer on passport scams... and how to avoid them.

  • 7 Critical Questions to ask BEFORE you retain anyone to help you score a second citizenship.

In total, you get the full story on 31 different jurisdictions… the most popular ones that my clients ask for by name.

A lot of research has gone into bringing this together. And after nearly three decades in the trenches, my time isn’t cheap.

An hour of my time costs…

…$500 on a one-off basis. And I have clients happily pay that in order to tap into 30 years and thousands of customers’ and clients’ worth of experience.

But by its very nature, publishing is a lot more scalable. I do the same amount of work whether I’m writing for just one client or a hundred.

So even though I’ve spent many hours putting this together, you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars.

In fact, you won’t even have to pay hundreds.

For a limited time you can have the whole kit for just $97.

The Bonus itself is worth more than that!
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We’re stuck with near-zero interest rates here in the US. But other countries – not so much. In fact, you can earn 5% on a three-year USD CD right now in a tropical place near the equator. And the bank itself is safer than any of the too-big-to-fail banks in the US.

And while it doesn’t have anything to do with second passports per se, many subscribers are interested in safe ways to earn a better return.

So, as part of this offer, I’m going to tell you how I did it.

To date, I’ve never shared this outside my close group of high-value private clients. It’s valuable information and I want you to have it.

Ready. Set. Almost Go.
(About the guarantee)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention one other important item.

Your purchase is fully guaranteed. Take 60 days to review and if you don’t like it, you get a full refund. Plain and simple.

After all, the proof is in the pudding. If you don’t think I’ve represented the The Nestmann Guide to Popular 2nd Passports well, you don’t need to keep it. I don’t want you to keep it.

So just let us know and you’ll get a full refund.

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That’s about as simple as I can make it.

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Mark Nestmann

PS. To briefly summarize:

  • This product is for anyone interested in a second passport but not sure where to start.

  • It shows you exactly how to get a second passport (and all the benefits that entails)…

  • … And how you could just possibly get it for free (millions of Americans qualify and don’t even know it).

  • It represents 30 years of hard-won experience in the offshore business, having helped many (mostly American) clients fulfill their dreams of getting their own second passport.

  • It’s a whole lot cheaper than if you were to pay me to explain it to you one on one.

  • It’s fully guaranteed. Take up to 60 days and if you don’t like it, let me know.

  • And finally, it comes with a valuable bonus report that shows you how I’m earning a great return buying USD CDs in one special offshore jurisdiction.