About Us

Protect Your Assets. Preserve Your Wealth. Safeguard Your Future.

Domestic and Offshore Structures

Make yourself virtually invisible to frivolous lawsuits

Risk Mitigation Services

Reduce the chance of an attack by ambulance chasers

Estate Planning

Ensure your assets pass to the next generation privately and without hassle

Safe banking

Access to some of the safest offshore banks in the world

International Asset Management

Invest in assets outside the US system and away from a declining dollar

Second Residency and Second Citizenship

The ultimate Plan B to “Get out of Dodge”

How We Deliver…

#1: Information Products

For customers who prefer to learn from a trusted source and then work with their own lawyers and accountants to implement a solution. Click here to learn more.

#2: Private Clients

For clients who prefer to work with an experienced team to create a new plan or update an existing one. We partner with your current accountant and lawyer or can help you build a team as needed. Click here for more details.

Who is Our Typical Client?

We serve clients from many different backgrounds, income levels and net worths. Most are US citizens and many are business owners, entrepreneurs and licensed professionals that are at the highest risk of a lawsuit (from employees, suppliers, customers, partners and other third parties).

There’s no minimum financial requirement to go offshore, although the more you have to work with, the more options you have, especially when it comes to offshore banking and international investing.

Many are interested in legally reducing their tax burden, while accepting that sometimes there’s no legal way to do it without making major changes to their lives.

Our clients tend to believe in small government, personal responsibility and the value hard work plays in building up a sizeable nest egg.

And they tend to be very concerned with the “rob Peter to pay Paul” mentality of many politicians in government, given that they are the ones being robbed.

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Summary of the Nestmann Group

With offices in Phoenix, Arizona, Vancouver (Canada) and on the Island of Nevis (West Indies)

36+ years of success for more than 15,000 customers and clients

Features a wide network of vetted wealth advisors, international and domestic attorneys, domestic and international tax accountants, banks and other financial resources

Headquartered in the US and managed by a team spread out across ten time zones on three continents

As Featured on

About founder Mark Nestmann

Mark Nestmann is the founder of The Nestmann Group, a US-centric consultancy that helps mostly American clients protect your assets, preserve your wealth and safeguard your future.

His work has been featured in well-known media outlets including The Washington Post, ABC News, The New York Times, Bloomberg News, Business Week and Forbes.

In addition, he has been featured in popular niche publications including The Harry Schultz Letter, The Daily Reckoning, International Living and Simon Black’s Sovereign Man Confidential. He has also regularly appeared on Jim Puplava’s Financial Sense Network, LewRockwell.com, The Oxford Club, The Sovereign Society and many others.

He holds a Masters of Law (LL.M) in international tax law from the University of Vienna.

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The Nestmann Group does not sell, rent or otherwise share your private details with third parties. Learn more about our privacy policy here.