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4 Totally Legal Reasons to Use An Offshore Structure

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Even though offshore structures are perfectly legal, they are often controversial and misunderstood. But there are valid and strong reasons for using them.

This article briefly discusses four legal reasons to use an offshore structure, like LLCs or trusts.

Four Valid Reasons to Use an Offshore Structure

  1. Buying international real estate. Many nations impose restrictions or outright prohibitions on foreign ownership of real estate. Using an offshore structure to hold the property can overcome this obstacle.
  2. Avoiding probate. Many countries require assets held in your own name to go through a time-consuming and expensive probate process before conveying them to your beneficiaries. Again, an offshore structure can avoid this nightmare.
  3. International tax planning. It’s unpopular to point this out: The US Tax Code and the laws of most other high-tax countries offer incentives for domestic companies to do business internationally. What’s more, corporations have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders to not pay a dollar more in tax than is legally required.
  4. Asset protection planning. 50% of the world’s lawyers practice in the US. Over the years, they’ve convinced legislatures and judges to view the wealthy as sheep to be shorn of their assets. A 2007 study, for instance, concluded that America’s runaway legal system imposes a “lawsuit tax” of nearly $900 billion each year on the US economy. It’s wise for doctors, entrepreneurs, and others who saved for retirement to put, or tell their loved ones to put, some of their “nest egg” assets offshore. In many cases, these arrangements involve an offshore structure like an LLC or trust.

To sum it up, it’s perfectly legal to invest and do business abroad. Moreover, in many cases, an offshore company or trust can make it easier and more efficient to do so.

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Is it right for you?

Offshore structures can be a useful part of your wealth protection plan. Just make sure you understand what you’re doing.

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