Offshore Freedom Inner Circle

Work with some of the top minds in the business to successfully go offshore faster, easier and with less risk than going it alone.

This Program Is For You If You:

  • Currently live in the United States or abroad.

  • Are mainly interested in international asset protection.

  • Already have some basic level of knowledge about asset protection.

  • Have at least $50,000 in savings or make $100,000 a year.

  • Optional: Are thinking about retirement (or recently retired.)

  • Optional: Are a business owner or successful investor.

Benefit #1: Ask the Expert Service. As a member of the Offshore Freedom Inner Circle, I'll receive special access to top-tier experts of the offshore world.

Benefit #2: Offshore Research Service. Whether it be finding a precious metals storage in a far off land or researching the obscure regulations required to move my gold to Singapore, I can work with your research team to get the right answers the first time.

Benefit #3: Offshore Freedom Inner Circle Global Alerts. I’ll receive a steady stream of fresh stories, insights and resources important to me – from passport programs and banking opportunities to new threats on the horizon (and what to do about them).

Benefit #4: Interviews with Leading Offshore Experts. I’ll also receive insightful interviews from “under-the-radar” experts. These are the quiet professionals that know how to get things done the right way the first time.

Benefit #5: Offshore Document Library. From private domestic LLCs to offshore trust applications, LLC registrations to a Dominica or St. Kitts and Nevis passport, there are literally hundreds of pages in the library to help me familiarize myself with the kinds of documents I’ll see as I go forward on my offshore journey.

Fully Guaranteed: Enjoy all the benefits of the program. At any time within the first 60 days, you aren’t thrilled with the quality of this program, simply ask us for a full refund.

Price: $97.00 per month.


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