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For more than a quarter century, I've helped 9,000+ customers and clients find freedom, enjoy more privacy and protect their wealth. Here are the resources available to help you do the same.

Nestmann’s Notes
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  • How to make your assets bulletproof from a bankrupt government, sue-happy lawyers, thieves and criminals.
  • How to make yourself invisible to the crushing numbers of threats to Americans
  • How to protect your personal freedom in the USA
  • How to live free on your own terms exactly as you want... without anyone telling you what to do.
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Offshore Freedom Inner Circle
A complete offshore concierge and intelligence service

Our flagship service, the Offshore Freedom Inner Circle, allows you to enjoy the benefits of going offshore without the risk.

It gives you concierge level access to the nation's top offshore experts for just $1. Send us your toughest questions – we've seen them all.

And it's a program that includes in-depth “offshore intelligence” Alerts, expert interviews, personal referrals to the Nestmann Global Network™, unlimitedaccess to our offshore library, and use of our in-house research division, as well as your very own personal and private Swiss-based email address.

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The Lifeboat Strategy
Fully updated and revised for the threats of 2014

Just updated, this newest edition is the single most comprehensive collection of every completely legal trick and strategy I'm using to help my clients go offshore.

It's the same book Ron Paul told his followers to read, saying it would be the...

"Single most effective step you can take to ensure your personal and financial privacy."

Except now it's expanded and updated with even more new and relevant how to information.

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Escape from America
The Complete Version

In late October 2012, I brought a group of highly qualified experts (and the prime minister of Dominica) together for a two-day intensive session all about international tax planning, second passports, and expatriation.

What made this seminar different than the ton of other offshore conferences is the caliber of resources who were there to share (not sell) their decades of experience – people who don’t make their money on the speaker circuit but rather to the grindstone, in their businesses each and every day.

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Private Clients

If you're interested in a private consultation to discuss your personal privacy, asset protection or second citizenship goals, please click here for more information.