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For more than a quarter century, I've helped 9,000+ customers and clients find freedom, enjoy more privacy and protect their wealth. Here are the resources available to help you do the same.

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Offshore Freedom Blueprint
Step-By-Step Roadmap to Offshore Success

This 42-lesson course shows you how to use both domestic and international techniques to protect your nest egg from the threats of a post-9/11, post-FATCA world.

Specifically designed for those fairly new to the world of asset protection, it’s the easiest way to get your “ducks all lined up” without having to hire a high-priced professional first.

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Offshore Freedom Inner Circle
A complete offshore concierge and intelligence service

Built for those who are looking to “go global,” this program offers a high level of ongoing access to some of the nation’s top offshore experts for a fraction of the regular cost.

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The Nestmann Guide to Popular Second Passports
Straight Facts About Obtaining a Second Citizenship and Passport

A second citizenship and passport’s many advantages all boil down to one principle: freedom.

But there's a lot of misinformation and bad advice that could limit your options and get you into serious trouble if followed.

The Guide to Popular Second Passports shows you how to obtain a second passport from some of our favorite places around the world in a safe, straight-forward and 100% legal way. The knowledge you’ll find within will give you the confidence you need to take the next steps.

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