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Help you build a Plan B that protects you from ambulance chasers, the decline of the US Dollar and the (eventual) collapse of the US Empire itself.

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The world was a very different place when we first started this business in 1984.

The country wasn’t perfect, but it felt a whole lot more free. Where you were free to live your life as you chose and free to express your opinions.

Where the country didn’t feel so on edge.

Sadly, those days are long behind us. Since then, we’ve seen the national debt balloon to a shocking $27 trillion and counting.

We’ve seen the dollar drop in value against gold and other world currencies.

We are stuck at what must be the lowest interest rates in history – one that punishes savers and helps those who spend too much (government included.)

And we’ve seen the introduction of laws that take away our personal and financial privacy, our property rights and, in some cases, a right to a fair trial.

It’s a very different America indeed.

Of course, like anything, this decline creates winners and losers. Some of those winners have been our clients.

Especially those that bought gold when we first recommended it in 1989. Back then, it was trading at $400/oz.

Or on August 13, 2015, when we first introduced Bitcoin to our premium subscribers. At the time, you could get one for just $265.68.

But just as importantly, there are the wins that come from knowing you’re much safer than the average American. Those are much harder to quantify. But they certainly do exist.

If you’re interested on being on the winning side, please keep reading.

This is what happens towards the end almost every empire

It’s clear that the American empire in its current form is going to collapse.

We don’t know when exactly it will happen. And we don’t know what will finally cause this house built on sand to come crashing down.

But we do know it will happen. Because, with very few exceptions, 5,000 years of human history shows us that’s what does happen.

A group of people come together and build a civilization.

The civilization grows and, with luck, thrives.

It reaches a certain point where leaders take that for granted. They go to war to expand their empire. They prey on their own people, especially the productive class that doesn’t have to depend on the government to survive.

The civilization declines. The government takes more freedoms and more money from their subjects. They give money to favored groups with connections. They hurt people who stand against them. The sense of community that built this civilization breaks down. And people start leaving.

At some point, it all falls apart. Often violently.

All of that is proven fact. And something you can see in our country today. More handouts to favored groups. The breakdown of community that has created the most litigious society in recorded history. The rise a new elite political class. And violence on all sides.

When Exactly Will the Collapse Come?

We honestly don’t know. No one does.

And in a way, you have to respect the elites for how long they’ve been able to keep the game going.

But it will have to end at some point. Because that’s the law of nature.

Here’s the Way Out

It’s the same path survivors have used to protect their property and their lives for thousands of years.

By moving it out of harm’s way. What today we call “going offshore.”

It can be as simple as moving a few dollars into a foreign bank account.

Then building on that with specialized structures to protect you from the worst of the system.

Or maybe you might leave the US on a part-time or permanent basis at some point.

With proper guidance, there’s really no wrong way to get started… so long as you don’t wait too long to do it.

We’ve Provided that Guidance for 36+ Years

It’s hard to find a firm with such a long track record as us. Certainly not the many so-called “gurus” that piled in about a decade ago when “offshore” became trendy.

So what makes us so successful?

Well, first, it’s about serving our clients well. Good old customer service still goes a long way.

Second, by playing it safe. We don’t make recommendations that might get our clients in trouble with the IRS or other regulators.

Third, we focus on helping you keep what you have. So long as it’s moral, ethical and legal, we’ll use whatever tools you need to properly protect yourself.

This approach appeals to the vast majority of our clients who are focused on wealth preservation.

And, if you stick with us, you can too.

How would your life be different if you had started a year ago?

Any American who has recently tried to travel abroad knows how hard it’s been. Most other countries don’t want to see the US passport. But if you had enjoyed a second passport or residency, you’d have more travel options right now.

The stock market has done extremely well. But in March of last year, when the markets collapsed, clients told us they’d lost 40%-50% of their (US) invested assets almost overnight.

But not those clients who had worked with our preferred international asset managers. Not only were our clients’ funds protected, they actually gained through the crash. They’ve done even better since.

Over the last year, the US dollar has declined 4.62% against a global basket of currencies. Those of our clients who diversified into other currencies have done very well compared to those who stayed with the greenback.

You could have legally paid a lower tax rate using a program called the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. It shelters the first $108,000 of your earned income each year from US taxation.

You could have accessed international investments simply not available to regular US investors. In a way that lessened your exposure to the US dollar and US economy.

You get the idea.

We hear stories constantly of a better, more profitable, more enjoyable life filled with fascinating people for those that go international.

The #1 Reason Most Americans Don’t Go Offshore

Because they’re scared.

Scared of something unfamiliar. That the media has brainwashed them into believing it’s somehow “strange.”

(Who cares that many of the elites go offshore to lower their tax bill, protect their assets and get second citizenship.)

If you fall into the same boat, spend some time with us. The more you know, the more comfortable you’ll be. And the better a decision you’ll be able to make.

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