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The Lifeboat Strategy – 2021 Edition

A master resource on domestic and offshore asset protection and wealth preservation.

You’ll learn what makes for good planning – from the simplest and easiest to the most comprehensive.

You’ll learn about how to make your domestic planning work well with offshore planning, giving you the best of both worlds – the convenience of working in the US as much as you want while still gaining the protection only available offshore.

And you’ll gain important insights into the offshore world itself – bank accounts, international money management, precious metals storage, international structures (including LLCs and trusts), and more much.

This Program is for:

  • Americans living in the US or abroad.
  • Beginners and intermediate readers who are still learning how the offshore world works.
  • All age levels.
  • All income and net worth levels.

The Lifeboat Strategy includes…


The Lifeboat Strategy
400+ pages of domestic and offshore asset protection strategies. Based on experience built over 36+ years in the business.


Your Private Offshore Stash
If, for some reason, you are targeted, discover proven techniques to send the ambulance chasers running for the hills.


10 Big Asset Protection Mistakes
The offshore world offers a lot of opportunity. But it can be a problem if you don’t what you’re doing. Here are the biggest mistakes we see on a day-to-day basis.

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