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The One Thing Trump and Biden Agree On

On May 28, President Trump signed an executive order targeting Twitter, one of the largest and most influential social media platforms.

Will a Biden Victory Lead to “Taxmegeddon”?

Joe Biden is now a shoo-in for nomination as the Democratic Party’s candidate for this year’s election. Current opinion polls show him beating Donald Trump in a head-to-head contest, although Trump could still lose...

How the IRS Will Target Bitcoin Users

On November 28, a federal judge ordered Coinbase, a company that facilitates transactions in crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, to comply with an IRS summons to identify more than 14,000 user accounts.

Tax Reform: What It Ought to Look Like

Congress is currently bogged down in discussions over the fate of the twin tax reform bills passed by the House and Senate respectively.

Should Uncle Sam Subsidize Living in Paradise?

I try to spend at least part of every year on the beach. Now that I live in the southwest, my go-to beach vacation spot tends to be in southern California.

Visa Declares War on Cash

It’s entirely predictable that governments worldwide will do everything they can to discourage their citizens from using cash.

Time to Get Defensive

I will be the first to admit it: I’m a lousy investor. My first forays into the investment markets came in the early 1980s, when I saved up enough money to buy some stocks.

Green Energy: The Ultimate Oppositional Investment

In the darkest days of the Great Depression, a man named John Templeton convinced a bank to lend him $10,000. He took that money and did the unthinkable…

This Industry Is Growing Three Times Faster than the S&P 500

There’s a theory in the tech world called “Moore’s Law,” named after Intel’s cofounder, Gordon Moore. The hypothesis is this:
The number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits doubles every two years.

Trump Has Inherited a Terrifying Problem

Every president inherits something difficult. Some problems are simply out of the incoming president’s hands. Obama inherited a financial crisis.

These Metals Are Outperforming Gold

Supply and demand: it’s Economics 101. Nowhere is it more obvious right now than in the industrial metals sector. When demand for copper is high, the price goes up.

What a Big Bubble on Main Street Means to You

Across America, malls have been left vacant. Once-thriving shopping centers are now empty. Abandoned. Established mainstay stores like Macy’s, Sears, and Kohl’s are struggling.

Why Is No One Scared About This?

Love him or hate him, Warren Buffett has long been a guiding light for investors. Among his many insightful quotes, one that sticks is:

Be fearful when others are greedy.

Even the Pros Can’t Beat the Market… But Don’t Fire Your Broker Just Yet

At the end of 2015, a story about Donald Trump circulated widely. According to reports, if he had parked his wealth in an index fund 30 years ago, he’d be more than twice as rich as he is now.

They’re Making This Same Dumb Mistake Again…

You’d think Wall Street would have learned its lesson… But nearly a decade after the last financial crash of 2007–2008, the hunger for risky mortgages is back.

If Europe Goes Down, We Go with It

The euro is a disaster. At least that’s the story according to Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel prize-winning economist. Looking at Europe, it’s not difficult to see what he means.

Could This Asset Soften the Next Financial Crisis?

Most people remember the horror of 2008 like it was yesterday. They recall watching helplessly as their pension funds were crushed in the financial crisis.

Time to Invest in “The Blessed Herb”?

Full disclosure: This is a controversial topic. Investing in a Schedule I narcotic isn’t everyone’s idea of a risk-free strategy.

Follow the Bouncing Bonds

After last week’s vote, investors wonder if the initial post-vote spasms in the financial markets indicate long-term changes to come.

Countdown to the Great Unknown

Acclaimed British graphic novelist, Warren Ellis, author of Transmetropolitan and other works about apocalyptic futures, once said he tries “not to get involved in the business of prediction.

So Many Billionaires Can’t Be Wrong, Can They?

The world’s billionaires are hoarding cash. Why, you ask?

The short answer is market volatility.

Helicopter Drop: Will Free Money Save the Day?

Picture a helicopter hovering over a downtown city skyline. A hatch opens, and an unseen occupant begins to unload cash out the port.

Is Your Money Safe in the Terminator’s Hands?

“If we all die,” said Dr. Ben Goertzel, lead scientist of Hong Kong hedge fund management firm Aidyia, “it would keep trading.”

Is Our Bull Market in for a Bust?

The Sun Also Rises is Ernest Hemingway’s ode to the art of bullfighting. In it, he voices deep respect for the bold ones who enter the arena to dance with a stomping, snarling beast in the midst of a red-eyed fury.

Did Crooks Steal Your Social Security Number?

Between February 2011 and December 2015, the IRS took notice that more than 1.1 million stolen Social Security numbers (SSNs) were being used to file crooked tax returns.

What Will They Do When This Bubble Bursts?

As I type this, the bubble surrounding the United States’ trillion-dollar auto credit industry is ready to burst. Our national trust teeters on the brink of ruin. Again.

What if Negative Interest Rates are the New Normal?

Last year, German savers with more than €100,000 in their bank accounts woke to the news that they now faced a 0.4% annual charge.

Decision 2016: Whose Side Are They On?

According to recent polls, the American people have never held such distaste for both major party candidates. And no matter what the outcome, our country will be left divided.

They Are After Your Cash (And If This Happens They Will Get It)

If the IRS has its way, cash will be a thing of the past. In its place, every transaction will be digital, every purchase will leave a footprint.

Obama Stomps State’s Rights… Again (And This Time, You’ll Eat the Consequences!)

The Founding Fathers were clear when they made state rights and a leash on central government the lynch pin of our constitution.

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