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Is It Time to Take Profits in Gold?

Gold prices, measured in US dollars, rocketed to all-time highs last week, reaching a peak $1,970.90 on July 29.

Can the Fed’s Trillion-Dollar Deficits Prop Up the Economy Forever?

Back on April 7, I predicted that the economic downturn spurred by COVID-19 lockdowns would be as bad or worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s.

High Seas Piracy Is Legal for Uncle Sam

Piracy is one of the few activities that nearly everyone worldwide condemns. It’s one of three crimes defined in the US Constitution, and the first federal criminal statute, enacted in 1790, set forth the death penalty for any person convicted of it.

Your Vanishing “Expectation of Privacy”

You may not have noticed, but eyes in the sky were watching when demonstrators marched in American cities last month.

How the War on Drugs Gave Police a “License to Kill”

The War on Drugs is a prime example of America’s gradual descent into a police state. And it’s a textbook case for understanding how cops – once known as “peace officers”...

Need a Passport? Hope You’re Not in a Hurry…

Just over a century ago, a US citizen could journey to almost any other country in the world without a passport. And until only 15 years ago, you could travel to Mexico, Canada, and most Caribbean countries without one.

Do We Really Want the Military Policing Our Cities?

America’s founding fathers were rightly concerned about the potential for the government they had created to descend into a military dictatorship.

Do We Really Need to Exchange Privacy for Security?

The symbol for “crisis” in Chinese contains two characters – 危机. The first character signifies danger. The second signifies “opportunity.”

Why More Americans than Ever Are Saying Farewell to Uncle Sam (and the IRS)

Heads, Big Brother wins. Tails, you lose. That’s the no-win dilemma US citizens who live overseas face when it comes to using a US passport...

COVID-19 Proves the Nanny State Does More Harm than Good

You might call it the “curse of good intentions”: an action we take upon ourselves or require others to take in the expectation it will improve things for us as individuals or for society.

Will COVID-19 Accelerate the Dollar’s Extinction?

An economic truth I revisit periodically is that every fiat currency (a medium of exchange without intrinsic value or without backing by a commodity with intrinsic value, such as gold) will eventually became worthless.

Somersaulting into a Total Surveillance State

Last summer, I spent a weekend in Michigan with a group of old friends from high school. A highlight from the trip was a visit to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Who Needs Markets When You Have the Government Running the Economy?

Last week, I described how former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sander’s call for socialist-inspired initiatives...

We’re All Socialists Now

Last week, Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Democratic presidential race, leaving former Vice President and Senator Joe Biden as the presumptive nominee to challenge President Donald Trump this November.

Why This Downturn Will Be as Bad (or Worse) than the Great Depression

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

Where Did All the Gold and Silver Go?

One of the most effective ways to sell anything is to claim scarcity. You’ve no doubt seen marketing claims that [insert name of product] is “flying off the shelves” and that “supplies are strictly limited.”

Bankruptcy, Not Bailouts

By the time you read this, Congress may be putting the finishing touches on a $1 trillion bailout to help America cope with the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid-19: A New Front in the War on Cash

“You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste.”
--Rahm Emanuel, former Chicago mayor and advisor to President Barack Obama

The Government Is Lying to You About Inflation, Too

Do you remember the first time you realized the government was lying to you?

The Plague of Civil Forfeiture (and One Way to Avoid It)

Under the Alice in Wonderland-type process of civil forfeiture, cops can seize your property – anything you own – if they believe that it’s somehow connected to a crime… any crime.

Don’t Go to War with the IRS

The IRS made headlines last October when a report it submitted to Congress admitted that the agency targets the tax returns of the working poor at about the same rate as wealthy taxpayers.

Preparing for the End of the World as We Know it

A decade or so ago, a client I’ll call Will hired me to give him a list of tactics to prepare for an unforeseen natural or man-made disaster. I presented my research to him when we met a few weeks later.

“Surveillance Capitalism” and Your Privacy

A growing network of companies, along with law enforcement and intelligence agencies, are quietly capitalizing on the explosion of data that most of us unknowingly generate as we go about our day.

Could This Be the Most Secure Place on Earth to Protect Your Assets?

The island of Nevis covers just 36 square miles, has 12,000 full-time residents, several hundred hotel rooms, and a tiny airport. 

Why No One Needs to Be Poor in Dominica

Last week, I was in the Commonwealth of Dominica for the first time since 2017’s Hurricane Maria devastated the island.

A Better Way to Fight Climate Change

Our planet’s climate has been changing for billions of years. And it will continue for billions more, until our sun becomes a “Red Giant,” devouring the inner planets in the Solar System, including ours.

Of Course There’s No Wasteful Government Spending! [Satire]

With a federal debt now exceeding $23 trillion, it’s good for citizens to learn how our tax dollars are used. In the public interest of understanding the wisdom of...

Your Home Is Spying on You, Too

The “internet of things” (IoT) is a system of web-connected devices or objects (including tracked animals and people) that can transfer data without any interaction between humans and computers.

Your New Year’s Resolution: Go Offshore

The world is smaller than ever. After just a seven-hour flight from the US East Coast, you could be in Austria, checking your gold into one of the safest, most private vaults in Europe.

The End of the United Kingdom Is Nothing to Fear

“The empire on which the sun never sets.” That phrase was first attributed to a priest named Fray Francisco de Ugalde, uttered to King Charles I of Spain during the 16th century.

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