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Greedy Lawyers Want Your Home, Your Pension, Your Business.

It’s Time to Stop Them, Dead.

Dear Reader,

Before I introduce you to my brand-new report, I’d like you to ask yourself a question:

How long did it take to build your wealth?

How hard have you worked to get to where you are? To purchase your home, save for retirement or build a business you’re proud of?

Years? Decades?

It takes a lifetime to build your wealth, but I learned a devastating truth early on in this business:

It takes just seconds to bring it all tumbling down.

In fact, one letter through your door could change everything. A letter marked “Court Summons.”

A Lawsuit Is Filed Every Two Seconds in America

We live in a country where greedy lawyers prey on families and businesses up to 41,000 times a day.

Let that sink in a minute.

That’s about fifteen lawsuits since you started reading this page. It’ll be more than 200 in the next 10 minutes.

200 lives changed forever. 200 families wondering how they’re going to afford a day in court. 200 parents worried about their home, their pension, their children’s college fund.

Many of these suits are frivolous, with no basis in reality. Many of them designed by manipulative lawyers to force us into a huge settlement.

It could be hundreds of thousands of dollars. It could be millions.

I’ve seen it happen too many times. To good, honest, hardworking people. I’ve seen fortunes lost in an instant.

It’s why I do what I do.

Let Me Introduce Myself. My Name Is Mark Nestmann.

For 30 years I have helped more than 15,000 individuals and families protect their wealth from bloodthirsty lawyers. And I do it because I believe your money is worth protecting.

To a greedy lawyer, your wealth is a target. To me, it’s your life. Your safety net. It’s family holidays and a comfortable retirement.

It’s too important to leave to chance.

During my 30 years in the business, I’ve learned every legal trick in the book to avoid and protect against frivolous lawsuits.

In the past, I’ve shared this information with only my high-paying clients. But America’s lawsuit epidemic is getting worse, and it’s time everyone learned how to protect themselves.

I’ll Show You Techniques That Only a Handful of People Know…

…Techniques that drive lawyers crazy.

By the end of this report, you’ll learn the following:

  1. How to disappear – I’ll show you how to avoid lawsuits in the first place.

  2. How to legally hide your wealth from prying eyes – Greedy lawyers look for the “deep pockets” to sue. You’ll learn how to throw them off the scent by concealing your wealth.

  3. How to build protective barriers around your assets – There are tools that make it almost impossible for creditors to grab your wealth. Most people don’t know how to use them, but I’ll show you.

  4. How to use international strategies for complete protection – Holding your wealth outside the US is the ultimate privacy and protection plan. There are only a handful of people who know how this works, and you’ll soon be one of them.

If you still think you’ve got nothing to worry about, consider this:

A Third of All Americans Face a Lawsuit in Their Lifetime

If you’ve got money in the bank, your chances of a lawsuit are even higher.

If you’ve got equity in your home and $50,000 in the bank, you’re already a target. You are the “deep-pockets.” The low-hanging fruit. Easy pickings.

All it takes is a nosy neighbor with a chip on his shoulder. A disgruntled business client or an ambulance chaser you’ve never even met to tip off a lawyer.

The lawyer sees dollar signs in his eyes, because he works on contingency. In other words, he gets a percentage of your assets if he beats you in court.

He may be running a search on your assets right now, hunting out your wealth like a bloodhound. Yes, that’s a real and legal thing that happens. You can thank America’s reckless disregard for privacy for that.

And if you think these cases get thrown out of court, think again. More than half of all civil lawsuits are awarded in favor of the plaintiff – the guy suing you.

All because our legal system is busted. The lawyer doesn’t even have to prove you were at fault. They just have to prove it was probable.


Of course, most lawyers aren’t even interested in taking you to court. They’re just looking to back you into a corner and force you into a large settlement figure. Often hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They’re just another crook with a crowbar, prying into your wealth.

This is not “justice”; it’s a scam. It’s blackmail. And it’s time to fight back.

“Can a lawyer really take my house? My pension? My business?”

My clients are often surprised how much is on the line if they are dragged through court. And I tell them, “Yes, in some states, lawyers can get their hands on everything. Every cent of equity in your home. The entire balance of your IRA.”

Maybe you live in one of those free-for-all states where nothing is protected

Many of my clients simply didn’t know how exposed they were. They didn’t know their home was vulnerable.

Just ask Denise Norton from Seattle.

She was sued by her neighbor for $500,000 over a case involving her Labrador, Cawper.

Cawper didn’t bite anyone. He didn’t attack. He just barked.

Yes, really. The lawsuit was filed on the grounds that Cawper’s barking caused the neighbor “profound emotional distress.”

Denise Norton assumed it was a joke, so she ignored the case. Next thing she knows, the Sheriff is at her front door, saying the court is putting her house up for sale to pay the damages.

Denise Norton was about to lose her home, all because her dog barked too loudly.

Something this trivial could happen to any of us.

That’s why I created this report.

The Lawsuit Defense Guide

This brand-new report collects everything I’ve learned over my 30 years in the asset protection business. From how to avoid a lawsuit in the first place to the complex tools that will double lock your assets.

It’s a lifetime of knowledge.

There are strategies here that only a handful of people in America know how to unlock. Especially the international strategies – the really impenetrable stuff.

In fact, this is information I usually reserve for my high-paying clients.

By the end of this report, you’ll be one of that handful. The “inner-circle,” if you will. One of the very few who know how to drive lawyers crazy.

Trust me, I’ve seen grown men – professional lawyers – pulling their hair out trying to get past these barriers, and I’ll show you how to build them.

“Is this report for me?”

I don’t mean to sound sensationalist, but I truly think this report is for everyone.

Especially if you own a home. If you have a little money in the bank or pay into a pension or nest egg.

As Denise Norton discovered, something as petty as your dog barking can put your home at risk. I’d venture so far as to say that something this simple could happen to any one of us.

The postman could slip and break his wrist on your porch. Lawsuit.

A tree in your garden could grow too large and block your neighbor’s sunlight. Lawsuit.

Your children’s baseball could fly through the neighbor’s window. Lawsuit.

Think about your profession…

Are you a doctor, nurse, teacher, financial advisor, journalist, pharmacist, driver, admin assistant? You’re vulnerable.

One piece of bad advice, one mistake at work, and you’re liable. Heck, I don’t think there’s a profession on this planet that a greedy lawyer couldn’t twist and manipulate into a liability.

Are you a business owner?

Then you’re even more vulnerable. In fact, half of all civil lawsuits are filed against small businesses.

Consider the disgruntled client, the pissed-off former employee, the customer who injures themself while using your product (even if it’s their own fault).

I don’t think any one of us can claim to be 100% “lawsuit proof.” We all have something that leaves us vulnerable.

That’s why I believe that everyone will find something useful in this report. It will help you identify the weaknesses in your existing arrangement – whether it’s your home, your pension or your business – and then fix them.

“How will this report protect me and my family?”

I created this report with a very specific structure.

It’s a structure I use in my one-to-one consultations too, and there’s a reason it works so well:

It’s bottom up.

You see, I’m not like other asset protection specialists. I don’t create complex, expensive structures for the sake of it. I start with the simple stuff. I start with the things that work for you, and we work upwards from there, filling the gaps and plugging the weaknesses.

That’s why this report starts with the basics (insurance and domestic protections) and ramps up to the most rock-solid arrangements out there (the international strategies).

That’s my broad philosophy, but what about the specifics? Let me tell you exactly what you’ll learn from this report:

  • How did we get here? – What makes America the lawsuit capital of the world?

  • How to keep a low profile – I’ll show you 9 actionable ways to lower your chances of being sued in the first place.

  • How to assess your vulnerability – What makes you a target, and where are the weaknesses in your arrangement?

  • How to affordably max out your insurance – Insurance is your first line of defense. I’ll make sure there are no gaps in your coverage.

  • Is your home protected? – Some states protect homeowners from losing their home. Others do not. I’ll show you whether or not you’re protected.

  • Is your pension protected? – Some states protect your IRA, while others offer no safety net at all. Is yours covered?

  • How to plug the gaps in government protections – If you do live in a state with no protection, I’ll show you a handful of tricks to plug the gaps.

  • How to “hide” wealth from nosy lawyers – A limited liability company (LLC) or a trust allows you to hold assets without disclosing your name. That means a lawyer won’t find them.

  • Why an LLC is the best structure for your business – And why corporations, partnerships and sole-traderships are flawed.

  • Why it’s so difficult to extract assets from a trust – A trust is one of the best asset protection tools in our arsenal. I’ll show you how to set one up.

  • Why international assets are better protected than US assets – Held overseas, wealth is more difficult for lawyers to find and collect. I’ll show you why and how to get started.

  • Which countries are the best for asset protection – There are countries on earth that fight to protect your privacy and that loathe frivolous lawsuits. I’ll show you where to find them.

And finally, I’ll introduce you to:

The Complete Protection from Frivolous Lawsuits

At the end of the report, I’ll introduce you to my complete solution. It’s the very best arrangement available to Americans looking to protect their wealth.

It’s an arrangement that has never – never – been pierced by an American lawyer. In a jurisdiction that fights to protect your privacy and asset protection rights. A country that does not tolerate frivolous lawsuits and has no sympathy for US civil judgments.

It’s an arrangement that could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. It could save you millions in damages or settlement agreements.

And I’m letting you in on all this now for just $149 since it is brand-new and I want you to have it.

Why Am I Keeping the Price So Low?

Call it my crusade against a legal system I detest.

I’m fed up with seeing good, honest families dragged through the courts or forced into unfair settlements.

I’m fed up watching lawyers taking advantage of hardworking Americans.

I believe that everyone deserves a chance to tip the balance back in their favor. And that all starts with a book-full of knowledge.

That’s about the equivalent of 10 minutes with a mid-tier lawyer.

But rather than 10 minutes, you’re getting 30 years of tried and true information.

I know this works. I’ve put it into action thousands of times. I’ve saved my clients from devastating legal fees and the threat of multi-million-dollar settlements.

That’s why I can be so confident about the benefits within these pages. In fact, I guarantee it.

For a Full 60 Days… If You Don’t Like It, Get Your Money Back

The strategies, techniques and arrangements in this report are the pinnacle of asset protection. And I know there is an actionable strategy for everyone within these pages.

But if you don’t agree, I will happily give you back your money.

That’s how confident I am about this report.

Mark, I want this report

Before You Go…

Ask yourself again:

How long did it take to build your wealth? How hard did you work to get to where you are today?

And then ask yourself this: Could you afford a multi-million-dollar settlement?

Could you watch a soulless creditor put your house up for sale? Could you watch them raid your pension or take over your business?

My guess is your answer is a resounding “No.”

And let me leave you with one more thought.

This report offers a comprehensive defense against frivolous lawsuits. But – and it’s a big “but” – if a lawsuit strikes and you haven’t taken action, this report won’t help at all. The techniques here work only if you act before a court summons arrives at your door.

This report is a protective measure, not a reactive one. If you are served with a lawsuit, it’s too late.

Trust me; you’ll sleep easier knowing your wealth is safe.

I know I do.

P.S. There’s no risk. Try it out for 60 days, and if you don’t like everything in this package, just let me know and get a full refund.



Mark Nestmann
Founder, The Nestmann Group