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“Living Nowhere” Is Harder than Ever

Do you want to become a P.T. (a "previous taxpayer," "perpetual tourist," etc.)? I did when I first read W.G. Hill's now-classic book, P.T: A Coherent for a Stress-free, Healthy and Prosperous Life Without Government Interference, Taxes or Coercion.

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Google

A few months ago, the Verge leaked a training video from Google. The video, obviously not intended for public distribution, described the data produced by a girl on her cell phone – all snatched up by Google without her awareness.

How to Use (and Keep) Attorney-Client Privilege

Seven months ago, FBI agents raided the office and temporary residence of Michael Cohen, President Trump's personal lawyer.

The Death of Swiss Bank Secrecy Is Greatly Exaggerated

Earlier this month, a dispatch from the Reuters news agency announced that Switzerland had officially ended bank secrecy.

How to Make Your PC Virtually Hacker-Proof

One of the key points of asset protection planning is to have multiple lines of defense in place.

Do We Really Want Bulletproof Security?

We’ve all experienced the realization that the security proceedings we’re humiliated by at the airport are useless.

Put a Security Freeze on Your Credit Files

Identity theft is likely as old as humanity itself, but the first historical mention of it is recorded in the biblical book of Genesis, chapter 27.

Up in Smoke: How Marijuana Will Change Our Economy

It was the summer of 1965, and I was recuperating from a broken arm in the home where I grew up in West Virginia. I couldn’t swim or play baseball with my friends since I had a cast on my arm, and I was bored silly.

The End of Net Neutrality Is Nothing Compared to This

Last December, the Federal Communications Commission overturned Obama-era rules protecting so-called net neutrality. And it did so despite receiving millions of comments protesting the new policy.

Is Your Smartphone Eavesdropping on You?

Yes it is. If you want a guarantee that no smart device is monitoring what you do, throw away all of your smart devices.

Why You Need a Second Residency (and How to Get One)

In my consulting practice, clients often ask me the best ways to “internationalize” themselves.

In Praise of Lawsuits

I’m known as someone who erects barriers to help clients protect their assets from frivolous litigation. And there’s plenty of that in the US.

You Need to Have This Conversation with Your Kids (and Grandkids)

Most Americans don’t save nearly enough money to retire comfortably. And it’s no wonder. It’s not easy setting aside money for the future, especially if you’re living on a shoestring.

Protect Yourself from America’s Corrupt Guardianship System

John Oliver is hardly a libertarian, but his Last Week Tonight show on HBO regularly highlights how US citizens are royally screwed by Uncle Sam and his minions.

Does Your Tax Avoidance Plan Pass the “Common Sense” Test?

Everyone has the right to try to avoid taxes. But when does completely legal tax avoidance become illegal tax evasion?

How to Get Started with Investing

I have a confession. I’m not an investment advisor. That’s a deliberate choice. Many years ago – October 19, 1987, to be exact – I watched global stock markets fall more than 20% in one day.

Six Strategies to Avoid Frivolous Lawsuits

Some people collect stamps, coins, or antique furniture. I collect stories of frivolous lawsuits.

Hacker World: It’s Only Getting Worse

It’s your worst nightmare: You just bought your dream home and sent the escrow agent a wire transfer for $140,000 to make the down payment.

Why (and How) You Should Run a Business When You Retire

The concept of retirement is relatively new. In your great-grandparents time, only those who had accumulated great wealth could afford to stop working as they aged.

Your “Expectation of Privacy” Just Grew

If you’re an American, you have no constitutional right to privacy. And in the internet age, our need for privacy has waned. We routinely release information once considered intensely personal for public consumption.

Feds Go on Rampage with Border Searches of Electronic Devices

Privacy is one of the few topics that Democrats and Republicans largely agree on. Their conclusion is that you shouldn’t have any.

Living Offshore May Not Be the Bargain You Expect

Many articles posted online portray living outside the US as an idyllic solution to save money. It can be, but for many people, living abroad can cost more – sometimes much more – than what they envisioned.

How to Save Tax with a 1031 Exchange

Deferring tax on income or gain is almost as effective as avoiding it altogether.  That's because the longer you can defer payment, the lower your effective tax rate.

Monarchy: What’s the Point?

Thanks to the recent royal wedding, the British monarchy – the crown – is in the news again. I didn’t watch the wedding, as I consider it a sideshow to a centuries-old system of governance that is widely misunderstood.

What Will You Do When You’re Replaced by a Robot?

Young Americans get a lot of grief from oldsters like me. But they face a lot of obstacles that we boomers didn’t have to deal with: student debt, a tightening job market ...

IRS to End Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

“I’m from the IRS and I’m here to help you.” Yes, that statement is one of life’s big lies. But several years ago, it looked as if the IRS intended to help people with offshore tax problems.

These People Lost Everything to Big Government … Are You Next?

In one of his most memorable statements, former President Ronald Reagan said in his 1981 inaugural address, “Government is not the solution to our problem...”

Donate Your Crypto Profits to Charity (and Avoid Tax Stress)

Do you have profits in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies you need to report to the IRS? Are you – and your tax advisors – confused about how to do it?

Congress and the IRS Declare War on Overseas Citizens (Again)

The State Department estimates that about nine million US citizens live outside American borders. And in recent years, Congress and the IRS have made their lives a living hell.

A Simple Fix for the Cyber-Security Crisis

I’ve long advised our clients to send only secure emails and to post only information they wouldn’t mind being reported on the front page of The New York Times on social media platforms like Facebook.

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