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Six Strategies to Avoid Frivolous Lawsuits

Some people collect stamps, coins, or antique furniture. I collect stories of frivolous lawsuits.

Hacker World: It’s Only Getting Worse

It’s your worst nightmare: You just bought your dream home and sent the escrow agent a wire transfer for $140,000 to make the down payment.

Why (and How) You Should Run a Business When You Retire

The concept of retirement is relatively new. In your great-grandparents time, only those who had accumulated great wealth could afford to stop working as they aged.

Your “Expectation of Privacy” Just Grew

If you’re an American, you have no constitutional right to privacy. And in the internet age, our need for privacy has waned. We routinely release information once considered intensely personal for public consumption.

Feds Go on Rampage with Border Searches of Electronic Devices

Privacy is one of the few topics that Democrats and Republicans largely agree on. Their conclusion is that you shouldn’t have any.

Living Offshore May Not Be the Bargain You Expect

Many articles posted online portray living outside the US as an idyllic solution to save money. It can be, but for many people, living abroad can cost more – sometimes much more – than what they envisioned.

How to Save Tax with a 1031 Exchange

Deferring tax on income or gain is almost as effective as avoiding it altogether.  That's because the longer you can defer payment, the lower your effective tax rate.

Monarchy: What’s the Point?

Thanks to the recent royal wedding, the British monarchy – the crown – is in the news again. I didn’t watch the wedding, as I consider it a sideshow to a centuries-old system of governance that is widely misunderstood.

What Will You Do When You’re Replaced by a Robot?

Young Americans get a lot of grief from oldsters like me. But they face a lot of obstacles that we boomers didn’t have to deal with: student debt, a tightening job market ...

IRS to End Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

“I’m from the IRS and I’m here to help you.” Yes, that statement is one of life’s big lies. But several years ago, it looked as if the IRS intended to help people with offshore tax problems.

These People Lost Everything to Big Government … Are You Next?

In one of his most memorable statements, former President Ronald Reagan said in his 1981 inaugural address, “Government is not the solution to our problem...”

Donate Your Crypto Profits to Charity (and Avoid Tax Stress)

Do you have profits in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies you need to report to the IRS? Are you – and your tax advisors – confused about how to do it?

Congress and the IRS Declare War on Overseas Citizens (Again)

The State Department estimates that about nine million US citizens live outside American borders. And in recent years, Congress and the IRS have made their lives a living hell.

A Simple Fix for the Cyber-Security Crisis

I’ve long advised our clients to send only secure emails and to post only information they wouldn’t mind being reported on the front page of The New York Times on social media platforms like Facebook.

Are You Ready to Work Until You Die?

In the last 150 years, a previously unknown social concept has taken hold in the US and other wealthy countries: retirement. And just as we’re getting used to it, it’s being wrenched away from us.

The Secrets Your Cell Phone Tells

"If I know your phone number, I can track your whereabouts globally." I was shocked when I read that statement from security researcher Nick Petrillo almost eight years ago.

Offshore Reporting Penalties and How to Avoid Them

Read only the mainstream media and you’ll think that Americans evade $150 billion or more in taxes on offshore assets every year.

Estate Planning Traps Remain, Even with the New Tax Bill

In the 30 years I’ve been involved with wealth preservation, I’ve encountered a recurring belief in immortality among many of my clients.

Treasury Admits It Lost $1.2 TRILLION in 2017

In 1971, President Richard Nixon told an ABC News reporter that he was "now a Keynesian in economics."

Get Ready to Pay More for Beer

It’s a punch to the gut from a president who claims to be uniquely in touch with American workers.

Will Your Driver’s License Soon Become Invalid as ID?

Back in 2005, Congress snuck an obscure provision into a military spending bill that, in effect, created the first national ID card in US history.

If You Have Delinquent Taxes, You May Not Be Going Anywhere

It’s the little blue book that Americans love to hate, and it’s just about impossible to cross an international border without it.

Do You Trust Uncle Sam to Run the Cellular Network?

Monopolies established by governments never work as intended. But that hasn’t stopped kings, presidents, prime ministers, and other authority figures from creating them.

Panama: Still an Easy Second Residency to Acquire

It was 5:00 pm on a Monday afternoon in Panama City. Walking up Avenida Balboa – the main drag that hugs the coastline – I came to a busy intersection with no crosswalk or even a traffic light.

Why St. Kitts & Nevis Remains a Top Offshore Jurisdiction

Cotton Ground, Nevis: I’m here for a week with my business partner, Trey Wyatt. We’re the owners of Fortress Trust, Ltd., a registered agent for trusts, limited liability companies, corporations, and foundations.

Congress Votes (Again) to End Your Privacy Rights

Most Americans misunderstand their right to privacy. The US Constitution provides no explicit right to privacy.

Voice Recognition to Prevent Fraud? Think Again!

Your voice is the newest security feature used to uniquely identify you. Smartphones and devices like the Amazon Echo let you add items to your personal calendar, make calls, or send emails using only your voice.

Are You Afraid of Lawsuits? You Should Be

A few days ago, the trusty clothes iron I used for many years died. When I plugged it in, it produced a thin trail of smoke and a strong electrical odor. Needless to say, I replaced it right away.

Big Brother Becomes Social

I’m a huge science fiction fan. I grew up watching The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, and my current favorite sci-fi series is Black Mirror on Netflix.

How the IRS Will Target Bitcoin Users

On November 28, a federal judge ordered Coinbase, a company that facilitates transactions in crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, to comply with an IRS summons to identify more than 14,000 user accounts.

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