Look Inside the World of Big Money Asset Protection
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John and Kathy paid me large fees to create this offshore plan.

Now you can have it for free.

Over these 20 lessons, I’ll show you how I helped them find peace and security knowing their assets were well protected in a volatile world. Here’s just some of what we’ll delve into:

  • Offshore Banking: how to ensure you aren’t rejected at the bank of your choice (Lesson #5)

  • Asset Protection Tools: the strongest offshore structures to use for protecting your wealth (Lesson #8)

  • Financial Privacy: probably the most creative solution I’ve ever seen to legally avoid reporting requirements and FATCA (Lesson #12)

And a whole lot more…

It’s a step-by-step look into the world of professional asset protection planning… and how you can do it too.

Even if you don’t necessarily have “big money.”

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